Look Who's Talking: 10 Anti-Redskins Quotes Worth Sharing


Who has said what about the controversial name of Washington, DC's NFL team? A concerned Tribal citizen and friend of ICTMN is keeping track with these elegant graphics, made to be tweeted and facebooked. Not every comment is included here, of course -- it seems a new sports figure or group steps up every day -- but these are some of the biggies. From Super Bowl champs to a courageous high school newspaper to the U.S. Senate, here are 10 statements on the Redskins (or nine on the Redskins and three on the former Bullets) everyone ought to read. 

Click the images to open them at full-size in a new tab.

This one's not about the Redskins -- but it's about the incredibly reasonable and easy change that another Washington sports team implemented not 20 years ago:

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