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Comedian Chris Rock

Chris Rock: ‘Redskins? That's not Nice. That's a Racial Slur’


Comedian Chris Rock knew the word Redskins was a racial slur long before half of the U.S. Senate did, and perhaps, even President Obama.

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Back in 1991, the funny, and politically and racially conscious comedian said the R-word was like the N-word, and strongly condemned Dan Snyder’s football team. "The Washington Redskins? That's not nice. This ain't cool. That's a racial slur. That’s kind of like having the ‘New York Ni**as’ …‘Denver Dykes’, man.”

Rock’s bit was on his first stand-up album, released in 1991, called Born Suspect, and although the audience laughs (see the clip below), his commentary was anything but a joke. points out Rock’s rift against the NFL team in its article The Real Negrodamus: On Chris Rock's Hilariously Prescient Born Suspect, saying that the bulk of that album was a perceptive riff on societal issues that are still a relevant today. Rock, for example, discussed the former mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry’s crack problem, which has echoes today for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.



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