Mullin is one of two Native Congressmen, and one of the 50 Most Beautiful people on the DC political scene, according to

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, Among The Hill's '50 Most Beautiful'


Oklahoma's Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, is one of two Congressmen enrolled in a Federally-recognized tribe; the other is Tom Cole, Chickasaw, also of Oklahoma. That's an exclusive club. So is The Hill's annual "50 Most Beautiful" list, which spotlights the handsome and beautiful people on the DC political scene.

Mullin has made the 2014 Most Beautiful list, joining such celebrity politicians as Cory Booker and Rand Paul, and media figures like S.E. Cupp and Bret Baier.

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The 37-year-old Republican first-term Congressman, a Pentecostal Christian who turned his family business, Mullin Plumbing, into a thriving empire before going to Washington, is married with five children. Mullin's personal style is down-home Oklahoman. “I never owned a suit until after the election,” he tells The Hill. “I got married in jeans and boots. My wife and I, when we went to prom, I was in a pair of jeans.”

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Yep, looking European is beautiful. I wish I was a European American or a fractional Indian so I would not be born looking like the Washington Redskins mascot. I am full blood Dine' (Navaho) and I have the big nose that all the acculturated Indians with their upscale values deplore as a caricature. If I were part Indian I could occupy a high position in BIA or BIE in Government and if I were that someone else I could crowd out all the dark people at the local Indian Health Services with my superior attitude and aggressiveness. Why I could even own a newspaper and call it Indian Country Today. Oh well, I guess I go back to herding sheep. baa, baa, baaaa