Bearpaw Mosley signed a letter of intent with Northern Arizona University

Bearpaw Mosley to Play for NAU With Native Coach at the Helm


Bearpaw “Bear” Mosley is one of a handful of Native American college football players who will take the field this fall. Even more impressive, the 6’5” 220lbs defensive end will play for a Division I team.

Mosley graduated from Chandler High School this Spring, and heads to Flagstaff, Arizona, to play for Northern Arizona University. He play will under Jerome Souers direction. Souers is also making history as the only (current) Native American head football coach of a Division I team.

“I felt a real strong connection to the family, and a lot of the things that I recognized in their family is very similar to my own,” Souers told AZCentral about recruiting Mosley.

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“You don’t get to meet people that know where you came from, and who you are [and] what your spiritual beliefs are,” said Mosley.

You can watch AZCentral’s coverage of Mosley here.


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