Hoopa Home-Chef Meagen Baldy Whips Up No-Sugar-Added Strawberry Spread With Chia Seeds


On Meagen Baldy's YouTube channel — Cooking Healthy in Indian Country — she teaches viewers how to cook easy, nutritious meals for their families. In one recent episode, she gives an example of how to ditch sugar in favor of honey in her delicious strawberry spread, which she thickens with chia seeds.

For diabetics, the gel in the chia seeds help regulate insulin, Baldy says.

Throughout her strawberry spread video, Baldy proudly features the work of a fellow Native artisans, sporting an apron designed by an artist member of Nor-Cal Native Arts, which represents authentic Native American contemporary artworks, including drawings, paintings, jewelry, plates and monotypes, created by Hoopa, Yurok, and Karuk tribal members of Northern California. Nor-Cal Native Arts' designs are handcrafted and inspired by Indian country surroundings and beliefs. 

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