Never Too Late for a Perfect Summer Song: Kinnie Starr's 'Summer Day'


Is it August 20? Already? Well that's no reason to go putting the summer of 2014 in the books. There are still plenty of bright, bright sunshiney days in store. (In truth, summer does not end until the Fall Equinox, on September 23rd, 2014.)

Mohawk multi-genre musician Kinnie Starr has just released one of the more perfect summer songs you'll hear, called "Summer Day," from her upcoming album From Far Away, which will be available September 30. Sounds like a must-play for those of you road-tripping to Santa Fe Indian Market. Starr is playing this Saturday at Atomic Heart 2014 in Lund, BC, Canada, and will tour Canada extensively after From Far Away is released. You can find out more about her schedule and how to buy the album at

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