Natives and conservationists gather in Sacramento to demand release of water into the Klamath River to avoid a fish kill.

Video: Watch Tribes State Their Case for Klamath Water Release in Sacramento


On August 19, tribal members and others supporting a release of water into the Klamath River descended upon government offices in Sacramento to demand action to stave off what they fear could be a massive fish kill.

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Fish are already dying, people say in the video below. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has said they will consider releasing water from the Trinity River into the Klamath if conditions worsen. But tribal members say that will be too little, too late. Even Native teenagers have gotten into the debate. 

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Clive Ocnacuwenga
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Fish need water but they couldn't care less. Its part of a plan to make NATIVE PEOPLES beg them for assistance. Paternalism is alive and well. They get fish elsewhere - at the supermarket. Your livelihood isn't all that important to OFFICIALDOM. Clive cnacuwenga