Labor Day Pow Wow Weekend Planner


It’s almost Labor Day, folks. And that means a three-day weekend is upon us!

Perhaps, you’ll spend your extra day off relaxing at home, headed out for a bit of shopping, at a BBQ or even at a pow wow.

In fact, this weekend, ICTMN is highlighting four pow wows with a Labor Day theme, along with six more that fall on the holiday weekend.

Each event is special, but if you aren’t in the region to enjoy one of the events listed below, please review our pow wow listing for more upcoming pow wows.


74th Annual Labor Day Pow Wow Black Hawk State Historic Site

When & Where: August 30-September 1; Rock Island, Illinois

For more information, go to:

(Courtesy Northern Cheyenne Tribe)

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Annual Labor Day Wacipi

When & Where: August 29-September 1; South Dakota (TBD)

For more information, call: Bob Walkers (605) 964-6885


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