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Outrage Over Mountie Who Took Intoxicated Native Woman to his Home


The phrase "personal relationship" has never sounded so sleazy. In 2011, according to police documents, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP, also known as the Mounties) took an intoxicated Native woman home from a police station, telling his fellow officers he intended to "pursue a personal relationship" with her.

The RCMP adjudication documents, obtained by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, tell a disturbing story. The woman was arrested at a party on Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, near Thompson, Manitoba, by RCMP Constable Kevin Theriault. She was drunk, and placed in a cell to sober up. Six hours later, Officer Theriault showed up at the station out of uniform, looking to have the woman released into his care. 

The senior officer had reservations about granting the request, but ultimately told Theriault, "You arrested her, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do."

Theriault drove off with the woman in his personal car, and a couple of officers decided to follow in a police cruiser to monitor the situation. They eventually informed the corporal of the detachment, who ordered Theriault to take the woman home, which he did.

The RCMP investigated the incident, and delivered its judgment in 2014. Officer Theriault was reprimanded and docked a week's pay.

Manitoba Grand Chief Derek Nepinak was outraged, describing the incident to the CBC as "a gross abuse of power," "appalling," and "a horrendous breach of trust."

The surreal story caught fire on Twitter yesterday. Metis/Cree Artist and activist Christi Belcourt wrote that "This case is not isolated. The RCMP have some serious internal work to do to address their own systemic racism & sexism within." Artist Dawn Marie Marchand, Metis, said that "the world is not a safe place for us. The RCMP is another hierarchical patriarchal institution in a position of power; no surprises." Terri Monture, Mohawk, who blogs and tweets as "Red Indian Girl," wrote, "I think the RCMP has to be dismantled. This kind of #bullshit goes all the way to the top." 

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
The RCMP - to serve and protect . . . and party after hours with women we arrest. Apparently Canadian authorities like to shoot you with a "different gun."

lki's picture
Submitted by lki on
As hideous as this story is regarding the behavior of two men, please pay attention to the fact that there were also two others who took it upon themselves to go out of their way to protect this young lady and succeeded in doing so. I think their actions need attention as well as the actions of the corporal who ordered her to be taken home by the perpetrating officer. I see way too often here in Indian Country the actions of one or a few seem to become the actions of all (and it is not the good actions of one I am speaking of, which RARELY get mentioned). So I am pointing out the other half of this story in case you missed that part in your incensed anger towards the one. Thank you to the officers who protected her and made sure she was not taken advantage of and returned home safely. Thank you for defending her and honoring your duty to protect and serve. Your actions are truly appreciated (and noticed).

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
lki is right! I should have commended the officers who were LESS concerned with their biological drives and thanked the officers who saw the wrong in these actions. Unfortunately, it's human nature to assigned guilt to the group. It happens to NDNs all the time.

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