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Roy Clyde, above and kneeling, shot and killed two Native Americans as they slept. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday.

Man Who Shot, Killed Sleeping Native Americans Gets Life in Prison

Sheena Louise Roetman

A man who shot two Northern Arapaho patients at a detox center outside Wind River Reservation in Riverton, Wyoming, was sentenced to life in prison without parole last Thursday.

Roy Clyde, 32, pleaded guilty in October to killing one man and critically injuring another in July when he opened fire inside the Center of Hope detox center.

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Clyde received life in prison for the first-degree murder of 29-year-old Stallone Trosper and a second life sentence for the attempted first-degree murder of 50-year-old James Goggles. Both men were sleeping at the time of the shooting.

Clyde insisted the shooting was not racially charged, but that he was instead targeting people who loitered drunkenly in the park, regardless of their race, because he was annoyed with having to clean up after them, according to the AP.

The Associated Press reported that after shooting the two men, Clyde allegedly laid down his handgun, called the police and waited outside for his arrest. Photographs show a shirtless Clyde holding up his hands as officers arrive.

The Northern Arapaho tribe and the Northern Arapaho Business Council have called for a federal hate crime investigation, and community meetings have been held to discuss racial tensions in Riverton and the surrounding areas.

Clyde pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, according to the Casper Star Tribune.

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verncox's picture
Submitted by verncox on
He was a white guy shooting a non-black individual. No death penalty called for in this USA.

SeanCeltiad's picture
Submitted by SeanCeltiad on
Yeah right, I hope the families of these two men get to see justice done. Another case of why don't sickos like this guy just shoot themselves and save us the heartache and pain and sorrow and loss. No way is he going to get away with such a pathetic story/lie/excuse, not this time!!!

WinterWindTeacher's picture
Submitted by WinterWindTeacher on
Another gun-crazed moment in sea to shining sea land history. Reality of a nation and society built and sustained on violence, the center post that if weakened would bring down the whole tent. The consequences are always tragic and senseless. The family has swollen grief and a remembered loss that endures, severely traumatized and shaken from a meaningful life. I would hope that human being would awaken in feeling and empathy for these families and offer them prayers and hugs and sturdy shoulders as they walk on this path of grief. It should not have to be the daily reality of anyone. The pain is a deep chasm that is so shattering and splintering. It is so gruesome and unimaginable that anyone could be vulnerable or subjected to such an obscene experience. Worse it is to personally live in that pain; what right does any person have to end the life of another? One thing it does do is call to reason for what purpose is this vacuous society's existence for? It's cost is blood and human sacrifice. There is a continuous reference to Christianity yet when looking at its temple one see's how filthy it is, blood is everywhere and suffering. It oozes with rage and fury dressed in poverty and despair. I can hardly think that a majority of any human race would wish to pray in such position that would require them to smell, touch or kneel in it, littered with the gun shells that are the accomplice's to such a nightmare horror feast. Should the Spirits make preparations and remove capacity from this world the ability to act out violence - there would elicit a greater shock, but undoubtedly a great thrill and much sound from all quarters of life. It would be a miraculous moment and an affirmation of live, love, live fully and complete. Those who have possessed the madness have their moment with the Father and it can not feel so well to try and answer for such a violent existence. I pray to hope that this loss is temporary - that the day is coming when those resting in graves will be commanded to live again and the sorrows are completely removed from all history making and idol making. I pray the cleansing and the ugliness, cancer and hate accompanied by bigotry and violence can no longer stay. All this nuclear nightmare of obliteration will swill toward the demons dwelling and flood its hole in for eternity. The demon and its demonic possession over life and this earth is urgently needed to be removed, it is the ever present danger to all life that perpetrates such vicious acts. One may not see the fiend flying about, for it does not need the visibility of anyone to know of its coming and going, but the effect of it is too real. It is quite magical in its appearing and disappearing, but its inhuman and cruel machinations are ugly beyond true being. I do not know the ethnic or racial composition of the demon nor do I care. I only want it removed completely so that human being will no longer be blind to human being. I would think in a real life the first thing one see's anywhere are human beings before one can start to make any differentiation's, may true life be returned to this earth. My sympathy and empathy for the family who lost their loved one. I hope you are comforted by the blessing of knowing it is only temporary, that your loved one will be brought back to this life by the Holy One who has promised a true life with him in love. May his love in human beings surround you so that you know his word and spirit are with you in this very moment and will never leave you to empty abandonment. May he touch you, may his Spirit come to you, may he hold you in his embrace. May the Holy One hold your hands in his so that you do know his presence is with you and walks with you in this moment of sadness and confusion. He understood they did not know what they were doing. He was also murdered, no one intervened. He suffered greatly and understands your suffering. May he please touch you this very moment so that you do know he is alive and has taken care of your loved one. He is alive and here for all of us. The demon has to be removed, it is the liar, murderer and thief flying and hiding among us, we do not see it, it can disappear and reappear. It is spitting hate into our souls, sticky cementing hate that is not easily removed. We need to love as much as we can, for love and truth is the enemy of the demon. If we could all learn to love than there could be no reality of evil around us. Someone let the demon in, all of humanity must secure life and the earth by loving much to remove that fiend. We can lay blame and point fingers and demand heads but it will not give us more time nor remove the fiend that is causing our suffering and strife. Love is the cure and immediate action that all humanity needs to enact purposely for earth and each other. Love large, wide and strong - feel it inside and let it circle the earth so it will pour into all her wounds and ours. Let us heal together for eternity is promised in love, than let us love, even in our sorrow. Tomorrow is a greater day without loss in love.

Alamosaurus's picture
Submitted by Alamosaurus on
If this killing was not racially motivated I have some ocean front property in Kansas I would like to sell you.