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‘Survival Island 3 Australia,’ which includes the option of killing Aboriginal Australian people has been removed from Google Play and iTunes

Killing of Aboriginal People in ‘Survival Island 3’ Stirs Outrage

Vincent Schilling

A video game / app by Nil Entertainment, ‘Survival Island 3 Australia,’ which includes the option of killing Aboriginal Australian people has been removed from Google Play and iTunes after an online petition generated more than 50,000 signatures.

The online petition on  entitled “Killing Indigenous Australians is not a game!” was started by Georgia Mantle from Sydney Australia. In her petition Mantle wrote:

“Selling games that promote racism and negative stereotypes of Indigenous Australians is not acceptable!

The game shamelessly promotes the fact that you will “have to fight with aboriginals” and uses warning messages like, “Beware of Aborigines!” when Indigenous people appear on screen. The game portrays Indigenous Australian’s as violent and aggressive. As well as trying to promote the Indigenous characters as authentic representations of a diverse culture through the description phrasing, “Meet real aboriginals.

Indigenous Australians face daily racism and discrimination. Indigenous Australians are over policed and continue to die at the hands of the state. This app further perpetuates the denial of Indigenous Australians humanity. It associates us with flora and fauna of the Australian landscape.

By shooting ‘dangerous Aboriginals’, this app makes us inhuman, it re-enforces racial violence, lack of punishment for white people taking black lives, it makes fun and sport of massacres and Frontier violence. This App is another colonialist frontier and continues to exploit the deaths of many Aboriginal people without regard to the trauma that it instigates.”

According to the news publication in Sydney a representative at Google Play said they would not comment on individual apps in the Google Play marketplace but added that the company removes applications that violate their policies.

The iTunes spokesperson said they no longer hosted the game on iTunes.

iTunes had listed the app with screenshots and included a warning for players to "beware of Aborigines," with a description that said "you have to fight with Aboriginals - you invaded their home!"

The twitter account @LukeLPearson  mirrored the sentiment of many on social media with his comment on twitter. "I can't even... wtf is wrong with people?" Ray Wilson of Bathurst, New South Wales who first tweeted about the app, expressed appreciation once the game was removed from the app stores. 

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Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
The developers couldn't produce a game in which the players make alliances with locals to survive and to deal with a common threat (or another group of players)?

hammertime's picture
Submitted by hammertime on
they are insane but dont know it........ somehow over the centuries, the white people have been brainwashed into thinking that they are living gods and can do whatever they wish to non-believers and destroy the planet too....... By throwing together a game like this shows how deeply ingrained it is in the consciousness and how it is passed on to the children.. Its everywhere you look.. you see it on TV, you see it everywhere especially in the old westerns is ingrained in the culture.... Its good that this was taken down but their are thousands of other games that are not much better than this ....just the players have different names.....and every kid is playing them

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
What kind of moron would think the genocidal policies of Colonialism was entertainment?