Oklahoma Senator James Lankford has introduced a Senate resolution to support removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

OK Sen. Introduces Bill to Replace Jackson on $20 Bill


Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) introduced a Senate resolution January 21 to support removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

“As president, Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policies led to the forced relocation of millions and the death of thousands of American Indians,” reads a press release from Lankford.

The release also points out how in June 2014, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that a significant woman from American history would be put on the $10 bill. This denomination was chosen because its next on the Treasury’s list of paper currency to be redesigned.

The resolution introduced by Lankford calls on the Administration to instead remove Jackson from the $20 bill.

“The Administration has already announced they will place a woman on the $10 bill in 2020,” said Lankford in the release. “I support recognition of a historic American woman on the $20 bill and the removal of Andrew Jackson, since he began the Indian removal policies that forced thousands of American Indians off their ancestral homelands.”

The Treasury Department is seeking public input as to which woman should be added to U.S. currency.

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Everett Tsosie
Everett Tsosie
Submitted by Everett Tsosie on
I would not put a native on it. Would want a value placed on my head. If anything, I would put is figure: Eagle, Marine corp symbol, Raising of flag at Iwo Jima. An heroic act of the citizens of the US. Nothing to do with a single person.

Heartthrob's picture
Submitted by Heartthrob on
I being a Citizens Band Pottawatomie vote to replace Andrew Jackson with Chief Sitting Bull

WinterWindTeacher's picture
Submitted by WinterWindTeacher on
Praise be and oh joyous sing for such enlightenment moves some motion of human being growing instead of the usual exterminating and extinction of life ever after into eternity. I am not usually partial to any Republican thinking but this opening of the horizons causes me to stand and applaud and fear not to shake that representative's hand. That is some handy representing and I can not find disagreement with removing ole Andy dandy's face off that bill. I feel that if people got to handle money, it should not have to be ugly money. Andy's a dirty thing to touch or look at because he was an Indian killer. He had his cause for killing and it make him a murderer that is not something pleasant to look at or touch. Thank you, and I give you honor representative cause that is some good work for the people. If people want to know who the killers are or were they can get a picture from an historical society but passing it around and giving it worth is no good. I don't know that any chief would want his picture there on that money, too many of them shed tears for the loss of the people, their nation and liberty. It doesn't seem right to put Buffalo on there either. They cried too much to lose their home and all their generations. There are some exquisite paintings of the land, how America was so lush and beautiful. So many never had the opportunity to see how lovely America once was. It would be great if one of those bills could have a printed portrait of some place in America the way she was so long ago, beautiful and free. Thanks, it is ever so kind to be handed a bill that does not have a Slave master or Indian killer portrait on it. America was much more beautiful than that. Let us love America, paint her on the front and back.

mem's picture
Submitted by mem on
...ugh, please do not put a native to be included with European terrorist money. That would only substantiate inclusion with "Paper Americans" (forced Americans by documentation not birthrights) and acceptance of their occupation. That would be like adding a native to Mt. Rushmore when they should add Hitler - the faces on that Mt. taught him what to do. Andrew Jackson was not the only European that practiced genocide & relocation.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I agree with not putting on a single person, but perhaps a single incident like Wounded Knee I or II, or the Sand Creek massacre so that Americans will know our history. Better yet, the execution of the 39 Santee Sioux who died under the orders of America's faux humanitarian, Abraham Lincoln. Of course we wouldn't be commemorating these events so much as we'd be rubbing their face in it.