Burns Paiute Tribe Holding Post-Militia Cleansing Ceremony

Jack McNeel

A number of tribes will be joining with the Burns Paiute Tribe at sunrise on Saturday, March 12, to conduct a cleansing ceremony at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. Tribal Chairperson, Charlotte Rodrique, stressed it would not be on the refuge but instead on a high point across from the refuge.

The reason for the cleansing ceremony is to clear the aura from the area following the takeover of the refuge. Charlotte explained that it still feels uncomfortable. “We went down and smudged and there was just a feeling that when those people started touching the artifacts and waving them around, those sorts of things were disrespectful in our eyes and those spirits were agitated and bothered.” She noted that the person waving things around died a couple of days later and the lady doing the filming had a tragic death in her family within a week.

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“We need to put those spirits to rest so things go back to being peaceful. That’s why we’re having the cleansing. We don’t want our old people going down to gather basket making materials or fishing, things like that. We don’t want the spirits to be uneasy that we’re there.”

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Charlotte added she didn’t know precisely who would be attending but mentioned such tribes as the Warm Springs, Umatilla, Shoshone-Bannock, all the Northern Paiute bands and possibly the Klamath. She heard some would be coming from Montana as well. “It’s open to any Native people who want to offer prayers to help people with their stress,” she added.

She feels it’s going to be a powerful event, powerful spiritually. “I’m grateful so many people want to come.”

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November 3-9, 1972 BIA Takeover of Washington Building….. Protesters overturned tables and desks against the windows, fortifying against potential police attack. Some set fires in interior offices and the marble lobbies, destroying many historic documents. The demonstrators started to run out of provisions after several days. They would not allow police or any government representative to approach the building, so two children of BIA employees were recruited to bring in provisions. After a week, the protesters left, some taking documents with them, having caused an estimated $700,000 in damages.[2] Their actions caused was loss, destruction, and theft of many records, including important treaties, deeds, and water rights records, which some Indian officials said could set them back 50 to 100 years.[3] Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/03/09/burns-paiute-make-first-visit-after-armed-takeover-malheur-refuge-163679 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Was a "Cleansing Ceremony" ever performed at the BIA Offices (18th, 19th, C and E Streets, NW) to remove the spiritual negativity and quall the violence, and hatred forces that reside in contentious environments? Better in dealing with the living (post 1973 Indian Affairs) than the dead (Burns artifacts). If no cleansing was performed, is it possible 40+ years later there is somewhat of a "dis-connect" between Washington Federals (BIA) and the Indian Tribes of the United States - all 570+ Indian Tribes?