Artist Roy Boney’s Graphic Novella on the 2012 Fetzer Institute's Global Gathering

Roy Boney, Jr.

Last year Artist Roy Boney, Jr. (Cherokee) was hired to document Fetzer Institute's Global Gathering in September. Fetzer Institute is a private operating foundation that uses its philanthropic resources to create programs that foster awareness of the power that love, forgiveness, and compassion can have in our world.

Held in Assisi, Italy on September 19 - 21, the Global Gathering brought together over 500 religous and humanitarian leaders to discuss these very ideas. According to their site, "Fetzer's work helps bring the transformative power of love and forgiveness into the center of individual and collective lives," said Institute President and CEO Lawrence E. Sullivan. "Our global gathering was the foremost conference yet in bringing together top scientists and professionals with unique examples of love and forgiveness in order to learn how underlying principles can be taught to others."

Recently, Boney, Jr. completed his incredible graphic novella of the event entitled "A Pilgrimage of Love & Forgiveness." 

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