Endangered Honduran Emerald Hummingbird Hovers in Slow Motion



Those seeking a spot of color to punctuate the dark, dreary winter need look no further than this video of a Honduran Emerald hummingbird from the American Bird Conservancy.

“Named for its glittering blue-green throat and upper chest, the endangered Honduran Emerald is this country’s only endemic bird, and one of few birds endemic to any country in Central America,” the conservancy’s website says. “Unfortunately, 90 percent of the emerald’s original habitat has been lost to agriculture and degraded by cattle grazing, and what remains occurs only in isolated patches of a few acres each. This has caused precipitous declines in the bird’s population.”

In other words, like many of Mother Earth’s treasures, the Honduran Emerald’s survival may be in jeopardy. The slow motion in this clip of the gleaming bird’s foraging efforts brings an ethereal, haunting quality to the footage.

For more information on hummingbirds in general, public television made a documentary a few years ago on our flitting feathered friends. The entire 50-minute film can be seen at the PBS website

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Nice work on the photoing of the little guy. My hat is off to ya on that shots. Have chought two little guys before & I had no camara (ms) but a insatmatice Kodak. Thay will just frezz like a toy & set there or set on your finger, letting ya look at them close at hand. Its aimazing birds. Alaska is full of the little guys. All kinds of humming birds. But to see them in motion to truely see how they move. Thank you for your steady time. This video is a truly a treasures.