RIP INDN's List, 2005-2010


An organization founded to help Native Americans get elected to public office is calling it quits after five years. In announcing that INDN's List would cease operating with the end of the year, president Kalyn Free cited a lack of donors but nonetheless pointed to many successes: Claudia Kauffman, the only Indian woman serving in the Washington Senate; Denise Juneau, the first Indian woman to hold statewide office in Montana; and Barbara McIlvaine Smith, the first Indian in the Pennsylvania House. She also said that her organization helped elect 65 Native American officeholders and won 70 percent of the races in which it took an interest.

A post-election blog entry on the group's website laid out, in no uncertain terms, a bleak view of the midterm results:

"Last night’s election results were devastating for Indian Country. Like you, I am outraged by the Republicans lies, and racist dirty tricks used against our INDN candidates and disgusted by the corporate and special interest money that funded them. There are a few bright spots, which we’ve highlighted at the end of this email, but we cannot ignore the fact that last night the political power of American Indians was set back decades."

Full story: "Native political group calls it quits"

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