May 25, 2016
Sen. John McCoy

I oppose disenrollment.

May 15, 2016
Cynthia Coleman Emery

The US Supreme Court has declined to weigh in on a lower court ruling that will, in effect, allow ancient bones to be returned to American Indians in California.

May 14, 2016
David Shorter

In 2002, I began working on my first website that would feature ethnographic and self-representations of the Yoeme people in northwes

May 13, 2016
Steven Newcomb

Jody Wilson is the former Education Program Manager for the “San Salvador” build site of the San Diego Maritime Museum. She recently found on the Internet a 2014 proposal to build a statue to honor the Spanish conquistador Vasco Nuñez de Balboa.

May 10, 2016
Doreen Wonda Johnson

When I was first elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, I was proud to have earned the support of my people of House District 5 in McKinley & San Juan Counties to represent their voice in the Roundhouse.

May 08, 2016
André Cramblit

My 79-year-old mom, Jeanerette Jacups-Johnny, has been staying with us recently. She fell twice in one week, hitting her head both times and getting two concussions. She has been recouping at our house for the last month.

May 07, 2016
Mike Myers

I’m raising the question, “Who defines a culture,” because both settler governments (U.S. and Canada) have been pretty aggressive in trying to force out definitions of certain aspects of our cultures to their satisfaction, particularly in the areas of traditional health and healing.

May 02, 2016
Ruth Hopkins

When my grandpa was dying of cancer, he asked for me. He wanted me to sit with him. I was about 8 years old. The cancer had metastasized and spread over his entire body so he was in exquisite pain. I can still see him lying there in his bed, bony and frail, covered lightly with a yellowed sheet.

April 29, 2016
Harlan McKosato

A few years ago my son and I were attending a Sunday service at the Albuquerque Indian Baptist Mission here in my neighborhood. The regular church pastor, who is Creek/Arikara, was out of town and he invited a guest speaker to give the sermon.

April 08, 2016
Darren Bonaparte

One of the most intriguing wampum belts of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is one known by many names: the Remembrance belt, the Defeat of the French Record belt, the Peacemaker belt, the Prophecy belt, and—to keep life simple—the Peacemaker Prophecy belt.

April 03, 2016
Charles Kader

Operation MYGALE was recently undertaken by regional law enforcement here in the provinces of Q

March 31, 2016
Steven Newcomb

There is a movement underway to erect a statue in honor of Vasco Nunez de Balboa in Balboa Park, in that part of the Kumeyaay Nation territory commonly called “San Diego.” San Diego Union Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins calls attention to the campaign to create a bronze statue for Balboa in his M

March 28, 2016
Dina Gilio-Whitaker

The social revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s was a time of positive change for American Indian people and America in general.

March 16, 2016
Terese Mailhot

Enter J.K. Rowling: a well-meaning white lady whose work, “History of Magic in North America,” debuted with some criticism concerning its depiction of Native Americans.