January 29, 2016
Misty Perkins

As a REAL Native American who went to Scappoose High School in Scappoose, Oregon for four years, I will share my experience as it relates to racism and mascots, though I doubt it will matter now since it didn't matter then.

January 25, 2016
Kyle T. Mays

Introduction, Or Why I’m Mad

January 24, 2016
Terese Mailhot

The problem with white saviors isn’t necessarily that they’re paternalistic, or dumb, it’s mostly that they aren’t dependable. Where is my white savior when I want a jar opened? Ultimately, if you give a white person too much power as an ally they will betray you.

January 16, 2016
Bayard Johnson

During the 20 years that Russell Means and I were writing partners, from 1992 to 2012, Hollywood made several movies that misrepresented American Indians and their cultures in insulting ways.

January 09, 2016
Carly McIntosh

When I reverse in time, I see myself back to a time when I was in Geography Class. When I was in class, I was a student who listened to every word that was spoken by the teacher.

December 31, 2015
Juilanne Jennings

For some odd and stupid reason many of us continue to be color struck. I really think most of us are ignorant or at the very least forgetful. Black people who look “white” is not a new phenomenon.

December 21, 2015
Ruth Hopkins

I’ve heard it dozens of times: folks justify the appropriation of Native culture and the theft of sacred rites and ceremonies by saying there’s no injury; that it’s essentially harmless, or even beneficial.

November 27, 2015
Steven Newcomb

I recently purchased a Time magazine special edition, “The Supreme Court: Decisions that Changed America.” Such topics as Privacy, Free Speech, Civil Rights, Abortion, Guns, Same-Sex Marriage, and Obamacare appear on the magazine cover.

November 26, 2015
Terese Marie Mailhot

We’ve heard your rhetoric, white person, and we’re still not buying the idiots who prevail in popular culture today.

November 18, 2015
Peter d'Errico

The latest example of the name and mascot wars is at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

November 05, 2015
Carly McIntosh

As you stand by the Assiniboine River you hear the running of Mother Earth's water, as well as feel her love flowing near you.

October 31, 2015
Christie Poitra

Halloween is the season most synonymous with cultural appropriation. Annually, Native people and allies of Native folks find themselves in uncomfortable situations where they are forced to address racially and culturally insensitive Halloween costumes either on social media or in person.

October 29, 2015
Toni Tsatoke

Some days I leave my classroom unsure that what I have taught has any real effect on my students, but then there are days like today.