May 18, 2016
David Lewis

American history consists of history written primarily from the perspectives of white American historians. This is the truth that many Natives live with regularly. As a researcher and scholar I encounter this situation on a daily basis.

April 27, 2016
Jennifer Denetdale

The University of New Mexico has come under criticism once again for its claims that it is a Native serving institution, and this time by Native students and their allies who regard the seal that the university uses to promote its institution as

April 22, 2016
Nick Estes

On October 13, 2014, University of New Mexico (UNM) Native students led a campus demonstration demanding the abolition of the university's racist seal and the recognition of "Indigenous Peoples Day of Resistance and Resilience" instead of the nationally celebrated

April 17, 2016
Dave Archambault Sr.

On March 9, in a historic landslide vote, South Dakota’s State House Legislators voted 60 to 8 in favor of allowing Governor Dennis Daugaard to use his budget to fund three Indian public schools in searching for and implementation of alternatives to the conventional K-12 schooling model.

March 03, 2016
Randall Akee

That education changes lives is not a novel insight. Determining the size of these changes, however, is quite a difficult task. Therefore, finding evidence, even from a most unlikely source is useful.

February 29, 2016
Daniel R. Wildcat

I want to lodge a grievance, not to appoint blame, but to encourage a solution to nothing less than a national disgrace: The lack of deserved financial investment Haskell Indian Nations University receives.

January 29, 2016
Misty Perkins

As a REAL Native American who went to Scappoose High School in Scappoose, Oregon for four years, I will share my experience as it relates to racism and mascots, though I doubt it will matter now since it didn't matter then.

January 07, 2016
Various Authors

We are writing to express our concern about proposed budget cuts to both American Indian Student Services (AISS) and the Native American Studies Department (NAS) that might impact the success of Native American students at the University of Montana.

December 23, 2015
Harlan McKosato

"There are varying degrees of concern when it comes to our Native children, cultural diversity, different learning styles in the classroom, and the reasons so many of our Native students perform poorly, fail or drop out of school.

December 15, 2015
Dave Archambault Sr.

On February 2, 2015, Governor Dennis Daugaard issued an Executive Order creating an advisory board to explore alternative schooling models for possible use in the education of Indian children.  Melody Schopp, the State’s Education Director, made a statement owning up to the facts for such action

November 25, 2015
Martie Simmons

It is that time of the year again, one every Native parent dreads. It is the season of fables, of rewritten history, of colored feathers bought in bulk from a craft store, of paper bag clothing, of teepees, and your versions of pow wows.

November 18, 2015
Peter d'Errico

The latest example of the name and mascot wars is at Amherst College in Massachusetts.