June 15, 2012
Charles Kader

Amid touted economic recovery at the federal government level, Indian country remains underwater in terms of sustainable growth in all but a few isolated pockets of capital markets within the United States and Canada.

June 06, 2012
Lloyd Miller

Last month the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case testing whether federal contracts with Tribes are really contracts at all.

June 05, 2012
Mary Annette Pember

As a Native American woman and recovering alcoholic I am grateful for Whiteclay, Nebraska for the simple reason that it keeps the disease of alcoholism and addiction right where it needs to be for our people: front and center.

June 04, 2012
Harrison Tsosie

As Navajo people pause to reflect on the Nation’s progress in the 144 years that have passed since the signing of the Treaty in 1868, my thoughts turn to another important decision facing the Nation.

June 02, 2012
Leo Manheimer

The Navajo Nation has been in litigation over our Little Colorado River water rights for 33 years and the litigation continues today. The children who were born when this fight began are now grown and are caring for children of their own.

June 01, 2012
Chris Clark-Deschene

Ya’a’teeh doo ahe’hee shi Ke’ adoo shi Dine’e’.

May 29, 2012
Caroline P. Mayhew

Amid the current election excitement and heightened national focus on the politics of women’s issues, Congressional efforts to reauthorize the Violence

May 28, 2012
James D. Adams

Our society is afflicted with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer, diseases that were less common a century ago.

May 24, 2012
Kenneth Deer

This column was originally pubished in The Eastern Door, a community newspaper in the ancient Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, in Quebec.

May 14, 2012
Steve Russell

Is it fair to look back to something a presidential candidate did when he was 18? Depends on your tolerance for hypocrisy.

May 14, 2012
Jefferson Keel, President, National Congress of American Indians

There is a group of criminals, on Native American lands, who assault, rape, and abuse Native women—and they can’t be arrested. These criminals are non-Native men.

May 13, 2012
Julianne Jennings

In 1982 President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation on March 25, proclaiming a “National Recognition Day for Nurses.” The ANA Board of Directors expanded the recognition of nurses in 1991, to a week-long celebration, declaring May 6–12, as National Nurses Week in conjunction with “credited” fou

May 09, 2012
Peter d'Errico

One of the most significant declarations ever to emanate from the United Nations, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, is belittled—mocked, almost—by the acronym so often used to refer to it. UNDRIP: it sounds like a health problem. Or something to fix a plumbing system.