January 05, 2013
Darren Bonaparte


December 13, 2012
Clifford White Eyes, Garvar Good Plume, Charlie Waters & Janice Bad Horse Larson

The Black Hills Teton (Tituwan) Sioux Nation Treaty Council for the Teton Sioux Nation and The Great Sioux Nation has experienced a traumatic tragic history of relentless oppression since 1851.

December 11, 2012
Sa’ed Adel Atshan

Ever since my childhood, I have always felt a deep connection with Native Americans.

December 03, 2012
Steven Newcomb

In Sir Arthur Helps’s book The Spanish Conquest in America (1855), we find a memorable and heart wrenching story of Spanish cruelty and treachery.” A female Indian leade

November 11, 2012
Dr. Leo Killsback

The negative representations of American Indians have recently caught national attention in the news and on the Internet.

November 10, 2012
Valarie Tom

Many Native American teenagers are planning their future and want to make a difference—I believe that. The Native American people have—time and again—answered our nation’s call when it comes to serving in many capacities and that includes the call of service in the military.

October 14, 2012
Steven Newcomb

Pursuant to two congressional resolutions, President Barack Obama proclaimed Monday October 8, 2012 as Columbus Day. “I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” he stated.

October 10, 2012
Larry Spotted Crow Mann

The most disturbing fact is that outside the Native American circle there seems to be very few who actually understand and took the time to learn who Christopher Columbus really was.

October 08, 2012
Ray Cook, Opinion Editor

I am trying to write this day without mentioning the lost European’s name. There are store sales in his honor. That’s a distinctly American thing; if you are a dead white man that did something spectacular, you would know because they create sales offers in your name.

September 07, 2012
George Thompson

My name is George Thompson; I have been the Oce Vpofa Mekko (Hickory Ground Chief) for 42 plus years. This is a lifetime position and it will be until the day I die. It is not our character as Muscogee (Creek) people to express our customs, rituals and traditions to those outside.

September 03, 2012
T. Lulani Arquette

The Doctrine of Discovery (DOD) was developed by Roman Catholic Popes beginning in 1452 to justify and provide a legal basis for European Christian nations to expand their empires, take the land and resources of non-white civilizations around the world, and destroy those who would not convert to

August 30, 2012
Steven Newcomb

It dawned on me recently that the title of Lewis Hanke’s classic book, The Spanish Struggle for Justice in the Conquest o

August 24, 2012
Lise Balk King

The highly publicized auction of 1,940 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota known to the Oceti Sakowin as Pe’ Sla, The Heart of Everything that Is, has been cancelled.

August 23, 2012
Chase Iron Eyes

Right now, The Oceti Sakowin (comprising the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota People, and also referred to as the Great Sioux Nation) is battling against the clock to save Pe’ Sla, one of our most sacred sites.