January 04, 2014
Steve Russell

Cheap shots have been taken at the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—on the ground that most of the Congress that voted for it never read it. The shot is true. What makes it cheap is ignorance.

January 01, 2014
Dina Gilio Whitaker

I’m not one to make resolutions for the upcoming new year but I do think the end of the year is a good time to reflect back on the news that came out of Indian country.

December 29, 2013
Dina Gilio-Whitaker

Earlier this month the American Studies Association made big news when it voted to support the boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, igniting a conflagration of controversy in the media and academic worlds.

December 28, 2013
Tim Moore

While many officials have fully embraced the job-creating gaming operations of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, some other officials have expressed opposition to the Catawba Indian Nation’s proposal to create another 4,000 gaming-related jobs in Cleveland County.

December 25, 2013
Oliver B. Barker

I wandered into a very serious conversation recently with a few of my compatriots re: whether or not a Native American candidate for the American presidency would suffer the same fate as JFK.

December 23, 2013
Peter d'Errico

Confusion abounded on a crucial point during oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community on December 2, 1013.

December 20, 2013
Philip S. "Sam" Deloria

Dick Cheney and I both started college with the Yale class of 1963; we both lived in Berkeley College, one of Yale’s residential colleges. I graduated in 1964, after taking a year off. I read that Cheney flunked out twice and finished college at the University of Wyoming.

December 19, 2013
Steven Newcomb

In his recent column, “The Long Road to ‘Free and Independent’ for Indian Nations,” Steve Russell says, “My ICTMN colleagues are fond of ‘free and independent’ as a des

December 16, 2013
Steve Russell

Prof. David Wilkins is dismayed by language chosen by the Chief Judge of the Nooksack Tribal Court in a disenrollment decision.

December 11, 2013
Steve Russell

I signed up for a four-year military hitch in 1964 and volunteered for Vietnam a year later. I spent that four-year hitch becoming more and more disillusioned about the war I had been so eager to fight.

December 10, 2013
Ryan Seelau

For most people, their sense of who they are—their identity—is at least partially defined from connection to others and to a community. When individuals are forced to sever those connections, the consequences can be devastating.

December 09, 2013
Shannon Speed & Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo

On October 31, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto utilized new presidential powers of pardon on the very day that they went into effect to free Mayan school teacher Alberto Patishtán Gómez. We hope that President Obama was paying attention.

December 08, 2013
Ruth Hopkins

Since the passing of fellow Indigenous tribesman Madiba Nelson Mandela, much of mainstream media has attempted to paint him in their own colonial image, once again revising history to make the Federal Government and it’s allies look good, and thereby use him to suit their own purposes.