July 20, 2015
Julianne Jennings

The first official national flag of the Confederacy, often called the “Stars and Bars," was flown from March 4, 1861 to May 1, 1863. German-Prussian artist Nicola Marschall in Marion, Alabama, designed it.

July 16, 2015
T. Lulani Arquette

The 1960s had a great impact on me.

July 10, 2015
Steve Russell

An innocent woman minding her own business was killed by a convicted felon in the country illegally who was on the streets of San Francisco because the local jail had ignored a “detainer” from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

July 01, 2015
David Shorter

I’m not an Indian. It’s okay.

June 30, 2015
Harlan McKosato

Do you ever get tired of hearing about the plight of the American Redskin? Do you ever get tired of hearing about how pitiful it is to be Native American from our own Native writers, the mainstream American press, and international media outlets? I do. I get pretty sick and tired of it.

June 29, 2015
Alex Jacobs

Events move fast in the internet age. The Rachel Dolezal “Black Like Me” story had people of every stripe, color, and political persuasion commenting, tweeting, and taking sides.

June 23, 2015
Elizabeth Hawksworth

Father Francis,

June 21, 2015
Maulian Smith

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the state of Maine. As you may be aware there has been an ongoing discussion and series of events regarding the Skowhegan High School’s use of the mascot “Indians” for their sports teams.

June 17, 2015
Amy Hornby Uribe

On most days, I love the products that Hobby Lobby sells and have chosen to overlook many of the reasons the company has received negative press in recent years.

June 16, 2015
John Guenther

This is a call to athletes to step up and tell sports owners what your personal beliefs are, and refuse to continue to support a racist name. You know who you are and you need to take this very seriously.

June 14, 2015
Terese Marie Mailhot

I should get paid for how much grief Dan Snyder has caused me. Natives are on everything from butter to sports memorabilia, from Jeep Cherokees to motorcycles, and from tobacco to jerky. We are everywhere and not seeing enough of the jerky.

June 03, 2015
Mark Rogers

To delve into the waters of tribal recognition is to wade in the muddiest of pools rife with greed, racism and political agendas.

June 02, 2015
Mary Ann Andreas

At the moment there has been a flurry of news reports about an unfortunate gesture by a U.S. Senate candidate in California who caricatured an Indian war cry. Apologies are already being made and the dust will soon settle.

May 28, 2015
Erik Stegman

The recent walk out of Native American actors from the set of Adam Sandler’s forthcoming movie The Ridiculous Six has sparked a much-needed conversation on the long-standing racist stereotypes of Native people.