December 20, 2014
Kent Nerburn

I have watched with interest as the brouhaha over the Washingon Redskins team name as it spilled over from our nation’s capital to the deepest backwaters of Red and Blue America. And I admit to being puzzled.

December 19, 2014
Ruth Hopkins

…And Native appropriation continues to evolve in ever more bizarre "fashion."

December 03, 2014
Dwanna L. Robertson

I'm not surprised by the recent grand jury ruling against indicting Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Disgusted. Heartbroken. Angry. But not surprised. I know too much to be surprised.

November 09, 2014
Kevin Leecy

In Germany, students in grades K-12 receive mandatory instruction about the Holocaust. In South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission bore witness to the injustices of Apartheid.

October 31, 2014
Kyle Dlaakaw.éesh Wark

I commonly work with racial equity issues in my role as Indigenous Researcher & Policy Analyst for First Alaskans Institute. With Halloween approaching, I’d like to share my perspective why wearing Native American “costumes” is a bad idea.

October 29, 2014
Kevin Gover

Beneath the debate over the name of the Washington NFL football team is an underlying truth: the vast majority of Americans have a limited—and often mistaken—understanding of Native American history.

October 12, 2014
John Christian Hopkins

Well, at least the Boston Herald had the decency to apologize for a blatantly racist cartoon involving

October 11, 2014
Richard Handler & Laura Goldblatt

Over the past two years, we have studied images of Native Americans as represented in a major form of American public art: stamps issued by the United States Post Office.

October 09, 2014
Darren Bonaparte

Whether it’s a pop star wearing a headdress in a music video or a sports team fighting to keep a racial slur for its name, cultural misappropriation seems to be a national past-time.

October 06, 2014
Peter d'Errico

The effort to relegate "redskins" to the wastebasket of historical racism stirs up a backlash from so-called "fans" of the epithet. One backlash aims at the group EONM—Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry.

October 05, 2014
DaShanne Stokes

The season premiere of South Park, which aired September 24, struck a chord familiar to many viewers and is sure to set the Washington football team scrambling to recover lost yardage.

September 21, 2014
Peter d'Errico

Brad Gallant has added a great new tool to the campaign to combat mascot racism: a 6-minute YouTube video, titled "Redskins No More." The title expands the Twitter hashtag, #redskinsnomore.

September 18, 2014
Peter d'Errico

The New York Daily News decision to "sack the name" of the Washington Redskins sets an example for all other news outlets.

September 16, 2014
Mark Charles

They say a "watched pot never boils." But that's not entirely true. Of course a watched pot boils, it's just that intently watching a pot of water reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit is not an incredibly exciting way to spend your time.