August 20, 2014
Walter Lamar

As a retired federal law enforcement officer and Native American, I believe it important to enter the conversation relating to the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation (OAF), the National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA), and Gary Edwards’ connection to both.

August 12, 2014
Julianne Jennings

“Black” is the most multi-cultured of all Earth’s peoples. It all began with exchanges between Native folks and African sailors/explorers long before European contact; and later, when female slaves were raped by their white slave masters and had children.

August 11, 2014
Steven Newcomb

The book America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014), by Dinesh D’Souza, is an effort to attack U.S. President Barack Obama.

August 08, 2014
Vincent Schilling

The Washington Redskins... There, I said it. Those three words alone will probably generate a slew of debates all over social media once this article hits the internet waves. In my opinion, that’s as it should be.

August 04, 2014
Ted Quasula

Dear Attorney General Holder:

July 31, 2014
Erik Stegman

“Our cheerleaders dressed up one of our own [students] in a Halloween ‘Pokehottie’ costume and tied her to a stake after dragging her out on the field in shackles against her will. They proceeded to dance around her, acting as if they were beating her and treating her like a slave.

July 18, 2014
Mark Charles

People know.

Not just Americans, but the entire globe.

People know that the founders didn't mean it then, nor does this nation mean it now. Sure the words were written down, and our leaders frequently point to them as evidence that we are good. But no one really meant them.

July 17, 2014
DaShanne Stokes

Every so often I hear complaints about how tired people are about being politically correct. It’s something that gets thrown around a lot these days, especially with the debate about ethnic team names and mascots. And it’s revealing of something more insidious than many people realize.

July 13, 2014
Simon Moya-Smith

I was conducting some very serious research on priapism in the ranks of Custer’s 7th Cavalry when I stopped to read a feculent piece in The Denver Post Opinion section.

July 13, 2014
Andre Cramblit

One of my earliest memories is sitting on the porch of Fey’s house with my great Uncle Leonard Super and my brother listening to a broadcast full of static of San Francisco Giants baseball as described by the dulcet tones of Lon Simmon’s mellifluous voice.

July 04, 2014
Julianne Jennings

Black Indians are constantly confronted with the fact that they do not fit any of society's stereotypes for Native Americans. Those stereotypes are imposed by both whites and sadly, other Indians.

June 30, 2014
Stanley Heller

Dan Snyder has said he won’t change the racist name of the Washington football team. One thing that could help change his mind is a campaign to get the Washington Post and all media to refuse to mention the team or its activities.

June 19, 2014
Ray Cook

Actor Chief Dan George said it best when describing the post-civil war, new model of Indian survival in the classic movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, “We shall endeavor to persevere.” Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office decided that the term Redskins when applied to spo

June 18, 2014
Adrian Jawort

To many American Indians living on a desolate and rural reservation out west where issues like extreme poverty, substance and sexual abuse, and violence and suicide reign supreme, the popular media focus these days of the Washington Redskins mascot debate can seem baffling.