November 30, 2011
Don George

Logic tells us that people will worry about what's going on in their own backyards before thinking about the trials and tribulations of others. But once again, thinking logically, if people show interest in others' troubles, then they would probably become concerned with their own.

November 23, 2011
Simon Moya-Smith

It was earlier this month during a snowstorm that I stumbled upon an interesting tidbit of American history—the kind you’d hope would make it into inner city high school textbooks, but somehow gets omitted like so many other things.

November 18, 2011
Lindsey Catherine Cornum

Native people across America have just finished another exhausting campaign to explain to the ignorant and insensitive the inherent racial exploitation of their Indian Halloween costumes.

October 23, 2011
Robert Desjarlait

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest has become a matter of debate in Indian country. Some have chosen to be included under the slogan "We Are The 99%"; others, like me, have not.

October 13, 2011

All journeys have a beginning and an ending. No matter how large or small the endeavor, it begins, and—at some point—it will most assuredly come to an end. The substance of the journey is everywhere in between the start and finish of it.

October 11, 2011
Kimberly Horton

The Cherokee Nation based out of Tahlequah, Oklahoma has decided to strip “Freedmen” of their Cherokee rights and to expel them from their nation. Freedmen are African American descendants of slaves.

July 27, 2011
Gyasi Ross

(The following is a satire inspired by Jonathan Swift, with apologies to April.)

Scorching hot hippies. Patchouli oil steaming from the bodies.

July 02, 2011
Ruth Hopkins

Most people in the United States are unaware of what an important role plants play in the field of medicine. Plants are the original source material for nearly 40% of all pharmaceutical remedies in the United States.

July 01, 2011
Russell Means

The late Seneca scholar and philosopher John Mohawk said: "In order to be free, you must act free." Mohawk was a contemporary of mine, and he knew the struggle for freedom for indigenous peoples is not theoretical, it is real; it is also difficult, constant and requires remembering where we, as A

June 30, 2011
Gabriel S. Galanda

In early 2010, the Washington State Department of Corrections stripped the American Indian men and women incarcerated in its twelve prisons of virtually everything that makes them tribal. Agency religious practices policies were changed, ostensibly to help balance the state’s budget.

June 16, 2011
Kay Olan

Kanatsiohareke, a Mohawk community located in central New York State, is working hard to help revitalize Kanienkeha, the Mohawk language. The community has been offering Mohawk language immersion classes for the last fourteen years.

May 29, 2011
Rosita Worl

Over-regulation and anti-Native bias seem to touch every aspect of life for Native peoples in Southeast Alaska, from how our people make teddy bears to whether the U.S. will keep its pledge to restore85,000 acres of our homelands to us.

May 25, 2011
Bonnie Jane Maracle

Our Language is a Gift from the Creator

May 24, 2011
Kay Olan

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Indigenous tradition of storytelling is not only alive, but it is thriving. There is interest in learning and remembering the stories that have been passed down through the oral tradition.