Joe Arpaio's Officers Turn in Badges Following Immigration Violations

Joe Arpaio's Officers Turn in Badges Following Immigration Violations


Following a Justice Department report accusing the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, led by sheriff Joe Arpaio, of violating civil rights and discriminating against Latino residents and inmates, Arpaio led 92 detention officers at a news conference December 21, where they turned in their Immigration and Customs Enforcement credentials according to an article in The Arizona Republic.

Before the move, Arpaio’s officers, since 2007, screened nearly 475,000 inmates placing 44,000 inmates preventing them from leaving jail until federal officials review their files.

The Department of Homeland Security made it known there is a contingency plan in place, as 50 immigration officers will be dedicated to enforce immigration laws at the jail. They will provide coverage around the clock at the jail and will solely focus on responding, apprehending and arresting people for federal immigration violations.

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Today, over 1 million immigrants enter our country legally per year, while the illegal alien population grows by about 500,000 per year that are not apprehended. The border region still remains an anomaly, as Democrats as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declare ‘that it’s more secure”. Tell that to the ranchers and land owners along the Southern border. More than ever before we need a military presence as the drug Cartels have moved their elicit business ventures within our nation. The original strength of the fence has been weakened, and no more is it more observable in Arizona. Hundreds of miles remain open to drug criminals and terrorists that is in its self a National Security issue. However, these United States does and always has welcomed—LEGAL IMMIGRANTS—and always will. The 50 states also welcome highly skilled workers who are educated in the Sciences, Engineering and technology. These Immigrants will never end up in the welfare lines and taking taxpayer dollars. Nobody has ever communicated that outstanding professionally people, who would be beneficial to America’s businesses not be allowed to immigrate here; we just need an expedited procedure? Nevertheless this country must restrain the poverty from other countries, as we cannot even look after our own people who have insufficient food and thousands who remain homeless. Since the public visibility of Arizona fighting to sustain its own legal residents with welfare and subsidiary programs, it has been verbally attacked by the Obama administration and the radical open border special interests. Not stopping there the heavy infiltrated leftist groups in the Dept of IN-Justice has also assaulted the States of Alabama, Georgia, Utah, and South Carolina to intimidate them into rescinding policing policies by the force of the courts. Not satisfied with the harassment on the sovereignty of these different States, they have now trying to enfeeble highly regarded citizens as Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpiao, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Former Congressman Tom Tancredo or anybody that does not conform to their assessment of the immigration laws. None of these policing policies would have been relevant if the US Government had enforced the immigration laws of 1986 and 1974. Don’t sit around any longer but contact your Senator and House Representative starting tomorrow at 202-224-3121. Every unenthusiastic politician must be harassed, so this bill that only needs 28 more sponsors can be read and placed in the House for voting upon. Tell them you want them to vote for Lamar Smith's sponsorship of ‘The Legal Workforce Act’, this will ensure that illegal immigrants cannot be hired anymore, amid ruthless punishment for business that continue to mock this newly revised mandatory law. Start calling Congress because it might be your job on the line, as an estimated 8 million unauthorized workers are filling jobs right now. African Americans are having a terrible time locating good jobs, with national unemployment hovering around 9 percent and black males unemployment surging to a staggering 17.6 percent, followed closely by Hispanics at around 13.1%. Only NumbersUSA has the truth on illegal immigration and the corruption that is Washington. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 200,000 total jobs have been added to our economy over the past 12 months. Yet, the federal government imported another 1 million new foreign workers, while Congress stood by and did nothing. As 2011 comes to an end, it's another year that the feds have turned their backs on unemployed Americans by not making immigration a jobs issue. NO COPYRIGHT, EVER. DISTRIBUTE FREELY TO EVERY AMERICAN TAXPAYER.