The MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass., is seen from the roof of the John Hancock Tower in Boston on Monday, February 13, 2006.

MIT Summer Research Program Seeks Diverse Candidates


The Summer Research Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) started in 1986 to address the underrepresentation of minority students, including Native Americans, in engineering and science fields in the United States.

According to, Dr. Sophia Inzunza, a Dr. Martin Luther King Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, the program rarely receives applications from interested Native American students, and as a Native from the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw tribes, Inzunza would like to see this change.

The program is meant for sophomores, juniors and non-graduating seniors who could benefit from spending a summer on the MIT campus, working in a research laboratory with experienced scientists and engineers.

"Students who participate in this program will be better prepared and motivated to pursue advanced degrees, thereby helping to sustain a rich talent pool in critical areas of research and innovation," says the program website.

For more information visit the MIT Summer Research Program website, call 617-253-4860 or e-mail

Applications—available here—are accepted from mid-November through February 3.

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beaver's picture
Submitted by beaver on
Nah, my grandkids applied to similar programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They were more than amply qualified - one was later accepted by Princeton - and he had left the race question blank at Princeton! But UIUC never accepted any of mt grandkids who were applying as Native Americans. Instead, they accepted Whites, White Cherokees and other White Indians. Programs like these waste your time and resources applying and they only seem to be excuses to get millions in federal funds.

inzunza's picture
Submitted by inzunza on
really??? kids should skip internships at Ivy league schools bc of White Indians?? really??nice. excellent. It is a blessing that you have a grandkid that is at Princeton---thank God. very very few other people are as lucky. I was not. I did my school work at minority serving schools. Indian Schools. Black Schools. State Schools. I did it as a single mother and yes, a light skinned Indian. I was raised on my reservation, poor as sin, and I was the best thing my ancestors had to launch towards this science. But you, with your Ivy league success, are telling us that since the system is BROKEN, that we should skip it? well done. Do you have any idea what happens to our kids, (the ones who don't get into to Princeton on their high GPA) when they finish their bachelors degrees with no internships?no connections? no ideas of what to do next? In the last 20 years the rate of our kids graduating with PdDs has decreased. We are the ONLY under-represented group declining. what you said is not only irresponsible, it is contributing to the problem. guess why? the system is broken. everybody knows that. but it doesn't change unless we change it. Yes, light skinned Indians feel bad about being what they are. They arent "real Indians". I get that. my whole life. get over it. Not everybody had huge tribes with tons of fighters. some of us got demolished. we are all that is left. white. sure. whatever. we are what we have. we are what our ancestors left. and they were certainly as valuable as yours. Guess what else, where I'm from the word for light skinned Native literally translates into Poor. Would you go down to the homeless dude on the street and kick him? and make fun of him for something he can't helP? spit in his face? no. of course not. but you would do that to me. thanks again. People like you, who have success, should be helping us figure out how to make an internships that helps our kids, that works for us, that fits us. Instead, you just advertise for them to not apply. well done. thanks. now those millions of dollars will certainly not go to brown Indians, or white Indians, or black Indians, or the purple ones either. they will go to the African Americans and Latino Americans, because they don't mind taking the internships we don;t fill. thank you.