Giving Out Bibles in School? Then Distribute Pagan Texts Too, Says Witchcraft Mom


There is more than one brand of spirituality, and school districts should not be promoting one over the other, a pagan mother said of the bibles that her son’s school gave out to interested students.

Her son’s interest wasn’t the problem, said Ginger Strivelli, who practices Witchcraft. He picked the book up voluntarily when it was offered, as opposed to having it foisted on him. It was the fact that when she brought pagan texts to North Windy Ridge intermediate school in Weaverville, North Carolina, they were not accepted for similar distribution. Moreover, Strivelli told Fox News, this happened after the principal told her that any donated religious texts would be made available to students.

"Schools should not be giving out one religion's materials and not others," Strivelli told Fox News.

At issue was a stack of Bibles delivered to the school office by Gideons International. School staff told students they could come grab copies if they were interested, Fox News said.

The flap has led to a possible change in policy that the school board will discuss on February 2.

"Buncombe County School officials are currently reviewing relevant policies and practices with school board attorneys," the district announced in a statement quoted by Fox News. "During this review period, no school in the system will be accepting donations of materials that could be viewed as advocating a particular religion or belief."

A similar controversy is unfolding concurrently on Prince Edward Island, Canada, where Gideons International has been giving out bibles to schools for nearly 50 years. An irate father called the school after his daughter brought home an opt-out form for him to sign.

“I’ll be held responsible for my child’s belief system, not the schools,” the father, Michael Arsenault, told CBC News. “I’m not against religion, any form or fashion… I just don’t like how the schools are getting involved in handing out these religious books.”

Prince Edward Island school district officials do not plan to change their long-standing policy of giving Gideon bibles out to fifth graders, according to media reports.

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debrinconcita's picture
Submitted by debrinconcita on
THey don't need to promote all the religions, only the one's that matters. THE is only one true god, & we all know it, GOD the father, Son Jesus CHRISt, & the Holy Spirit. THEY Should have never took it out of schools in the first place then maybe there wouldn't be so many criminals in the world today. GOD BLESS US ALL, He is the CREATOR of us all!!!

m8lsem's picture
Submitted by m8lsem on
Debra, I hope you wrote 'tongue in cheek' ... if they allow Bibles, Bibles that even if provided by Giddeon nevertheless bear a school 'approval' that to young minds is an endorsement, THEN they must permit the Koran, Hebrew version Bibles, the (and I know my spelling will be awful) the Bhavagad Gita, Hitchen's 'God is not Great' and any other religious text on the face of the planet on equal terms, including Strivelli's. Simple. Neither the Feds nor any state or locality may do something "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Now, Debra, I am a believer, a member of a well-establish and rather old denomination of Christianity, and have been a Pastoral worker in one such church on an Indian Reservation which happens to be over the hill from my now home. But I also believe as I know my church believes that God=Allah=Krishna (as explained to me by one Hindu) and so forth, exactly as God=Dabaldak=Hanyiwaat, and so forth, but whatever name/label/reference that one supreme, transcendental, loving, caring creator may be known, whether known as unitary (Unitarian, Jewish, Muslim) or multi-personality (Christianity, Hinduism, and Greek, Roman, and Norse faiths had it.) As there is only one God, we all worship the same one, though we may not have the same descriptions or beliefs about that one. And so forth. Given, however, how many millions of people there likely may have been one time or another, who have fought,bled and died over those descriptions or beliefs about that one, We shouldn't expect the schools to do a competent job of teaching all and also teaching the belied there is none of the kind at all. So the schools must stay out of it. If one wishes ones child school educated in faith, there are private schools which do that nicely, there are churches with Sunday/Saturday School, and so forth. That's where it belongs. Yox? kiwayl, ligen dabi, and so forth.

curtj's picture
Submitted by curtj on
Why do the Indigenous worship the same white mans god whose name is invoked to legitimize the theft of the Indigenous peoples resources and lands for colonization and exploitation? Why do Indigenous people allow each other and others to call them indians? Indian is a name given the Indigenous by the lost slaver, rapist and mass murderer by the name of Christopher Columbus. He is the one who died with a gaping hole where his nose used to be, because of syphillis. Indians live in India. As Indigenous of Alaska my people are the Dine', not Indian. Indian is used to condition the Indigenous to a lifetime of having their rights, resources and lands stripped away by the thieves who are wining and dining your leaders.

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Submitted by rachelbailey on
I just want to say thank you. Thank You for showing what a real Christian is and should act like. We need more like you in this world.

rachelbailey's picture
Submitted by rachelbailey on
No religion belongs in school, but if you include one you must include them all. The school has neither the time nor the money to teach all religions so it must be none. It is the jobs of parents to instill in their children the beliefs they want the child to have, not the schools. An announcement was made and a special break given to go and get the Bibles. Unless they are going to both announce and create a special break for all other religious texts then they are in violation of the law. Being an elementary school they were in violation of the law by taking the books in the first place as the supreme court has ruled that no religious texts can be given or "made available" in any way to elementary schools students by the school. This has opened up the school to much bad press and more problems with bullying of non-Christian students. Now this woman has received death threats and the police are having to get involved which is using more taxpayer money. The school is in violation of the law. Period. I'm not sure how Gideon missed the court ruling but they still are putting schools in positions to face expensive lawsuits. If they really cared about the children they would stop going after elementary schools to gain converts. May the gods bless and keep Ginger and her family safe as they try and get the school to obey the laws.