Meet 'Librotraficante' Tony, Purveyor of Banned Books


Never fear, Arizona schoolchildren! Tony is here to resurrect the ethnic studies program and restore banned bookdom to its rightful heirs.

The Arizona legislature's HB 2281, which eliminates ethnic studies programs, has prompted the Tucson school district to ban a spate of books, many Native-authored. The decision has been, to say the least, controversial. One part of the ban earning the most censure from Native authors is Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years, co-edited by Bill Bigelow and including pieces by the likes of Suzan Shown HarjoBuffy Sainte-MarieJoseph BruchacLeslie Marmon Silko and Winona LaDuke, and two books by Native American author Sherman Alexie.

In this video our hero Tony stands firm in front of his open trunk, books spilling out behind him, to tell us of the new order: "Arizona, we're throwing the book at you."

Below, a language lesson of sorts from the new self-proclaimed librotraficante (book trafficker). For more information, do as the video says: Visit

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Submitted by ppmickey on
This is not just an Arizona problem, it's a nation-wide problem. For schools across America, children are still not being taught about how America was really settled by the white man and the effect upon the aboriginals already living here, the entire tribes killed by diseases brought over from settlers. They don't teach about the Spanish coming over and killing tribe after tribe in the quest to find gold and then in the quest to make Christians out of Native American's. I never learned any of this in school and when teaching never noticed anything of the kind in history books being given to Children. It's time the Native American history was properly taught along with the settling of the whites and what the consequences were and continue to be. Tony, I salute you.