Sh*t People Say to Native Americans


The "Shit People Say to..." YouTube meme gets an entry for American Indians. This was created by Ali—her online home is and the "Tumblr NDN Community" she refers to is at

(She's also collecting suggestions for a sequel to this video; if you'd like to contribute your ideas see her Tumblr blog for instructions.)

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Submitted by softbreeze on
I assume this video is a satire of what non-natives often say to native people, and is sticking up for native people and not trying to offend native people. It's really accurate in terms of the lack of respect native peoples' cultures and perspectives are often shown by non-natives. A lot of this is due to an incredible amount of ignorance and a total lack of empathy to native people as equal human beings. I recently was involved in a debate with someone who is definitely non-native, about him harassing me about identifying as native, even though my genetics is 97% non-native. I mentioned that in my tribe, membership is determined by proof of lineage, not percentage of blood quantum. His response was, "Well, that's not much of a standard", in a sarcastic tone of voice. I said back, "well, it's more of a stringent standard than U.S. citizenship, where anyone can come and apply for citizenship, even if there weren't born here." He said, "well, that's different." I said, "Why is it different?" He said back in so many words, "because we make the rules." I was like well, that's really special. (With lots of sarcasm back). I think in order for non-natives to have respect for natives, they first must learn to have respect for themselves. Even though I feel an incredible amount of empathy and concern for the conditions many native americans and metis americans are having to endure today, in some ways, I think I feel even more sadness for ignorant non-natives. At least native people have the wealth of being highly evolved in their consciousness and spirituality, and possess the knowledge of harmony with our Creator, and with all of life. It seems many non-natives think they have wealth, but live in such emotional and spiritual poverty, that I think their suffering is even more so. It's so sad. But, I guess in some ways it's not their fault. How can they know things they have never been taught?

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Submitted by member on
this is pretty racist. shameful.

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Submitted by craigdixon on
funny thing is.....she is right..

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Submitted by fshearer on
She's funny. Obviously, she is not trying to offend us Native people. In fact she is trying to offend non-Native people by impersonating one and using that bimbo tone of voice. I identify as Native yet I have people tell me, "You're white, get over it." Even people in my own family have told me that "Native Americans should just assimilate already. It has been long enough, and reservations should be seceded to the US." The way they see it, if someone does not like America, they should go back to their home country. I tell them this is my home country! The reason they don't understand is because in the US, children are not taught true History. They are taught Social Studies, a program designed to promote "Good Citizenship," not to teach an accurate accounting of history. And now Arizona is banning books that teach from Native American perspectives because they fear these books do not teach children to be good citizens who will do as they are told [by a government that has robbed them of their homeland.] I was not raised on a reservation or with my family's native culture. I was raised in public schools and spoon-fed the same lies as all the other children. However, I am no longer a child. I have learned truths that will not be unlearned. I am re-discovering my native culture so I can reconnect the circle by teaching and raising my own children in ancestral truths.

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Submitted by laura on
I think this girl is Native (Anishanaabe)so she made this video to represent her own experiences as well as all Natives'. the comments she recorded are all very common comments we hear from non-Natives. The most pathetic part is that so many Natives dont recognize their own intertribal brothers & sisters if they dont have the "right" hair or skin. Softbreeze's quote, "I think in order for non-natives to have respect for natives, Natives first must learn to have respect for themselves," is RIGHT ON! So very true!

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Submitted by hontasfarmer on
I have one "Hontas that's a pretty name. .... What country is it from?" :/ Seriously 1/3 times I introduce myself that's what I get.

David M Lister Bryant
David M Lister ...
Submitted by David M Lister ... on
It really makes me sad to hear people talk that way.I have Cherokee in me and proud of it.Love learning about the real history of my ancestors.I teach my kids to respect every one no matter the color of their skin.I wish I knew where my great great grandmother where she was from.