Ashley Callingbull in a photo by Fadil Berisha Photography for Miss Universe Canada

Ashley Callingbull Is a Miss World Canada Finalist


Cree model and actress Ashley Callingbull is among the final 20 women competing for the Miss World Canada title. She has previously represented Canada in the Miss Humanity International, Queen of the World, and Miss Friendship competitions, and was second runner up for Miss Universe Canada 2010.

Callingbull is currently appearing on the acclaimed APTN drama Blackstone, about the fictional Blackstone First Nation. As her profile rises, her appeal is also broadening—she was recently featured on the popular men's entertainment site theChive, and received rave reviews.

"Best Chivette ever," reads the first comment on the page.We're guessing many ICTMN readers will agree.

Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull

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nativewomn's picture
Submitted by nativewomn on
Apparently no one has told her it is not acceptable, nor respectable, for women to wear a feather headdress? Other than that, good for her!