Teton High is still the home of the "Redskins."

Hold On: School Puts Off Plan to Change Redskins Mascot


In an apparently similar community uproar after New York's Canisteo-Greenwood School District interim superintendent Charles Clemens declared that the high school's Redskins mascot was history, Idaho's Teton High School is also holding back on a stated plan to remove its Redskins nickname and logo.

Teton School District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme on June 10 unilaterally ordered the high school's administration to come up with a new mascot and to remove all references to “Redskins” immediately. But after speaking with school board chairman Doug Peterson, a new plan is being followed.

“I knew there would be passionate response to this, but not this large, this much or this fast,” Woolstenhulme told TetonValleyNews.net. He also admitted that in hindsight he may have acted a bit hastily.

This kid, dressed in a Teton Redskins mascot costume, isn't out of work yet. (TetonValleyNews.net)

The new plan allows for the public to comment on the mascot issue during the district board meeting July 8 at the Teton High School auditorium at 7 p.m. The superintendent said he’s willing to listen to others, including members of the community, alumni, people affiliated with the district and others. Interstingly, the next Canisteo-Greenwood School Board meeting, during which their mascot issue will be hotly discussed, is also July 8.

Woolstenhulme said the district is reaching out to the Shoshone-Bannock tribes at the Fort Hall Reservation “to gather their feedback on the issue."

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Rev. Ronald C. Moss's picture
Rev. Ronald C. Moss
Submitted by Rev. Ronald C. Moss on
Keep the Redskins. I moved from Canisteo, NY in 1959 and stand with others to keep the mascot. Do the same yourselves.