Shinnecocks Approve Pact With Gateway Casino Resorts for Long Island Casinos

Shinnecocks Approve Pact With Gateway Casino Resorts for Long Island Casinos


In a 101-10 vote, the Shinnecock Indian Nation has approved a pact with Gateway Casino Resorts to build three casinos on Long Island. The tribe has announced the site of one gaming destination: Belmont Park Raceway, reported Newsday on February 4.

The next step involves meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) to discuss a Class III gaming compact. "We need to be heard," trustee Randy King told Newsday. "We should not be shut out of helping our state with jobs and economic development after being here for hundreds and hundreds of years."

Cuomo, who supports non-Indian casino expansion in New York State, opposes the tribe's proposed development at Belmont due to its proximity to the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens. Genting New York, an arm of the Malaysia-based international gaming company, operates slot machines at the racetrack, where Genting also plans to finance a $4 billion convention center. Cuomo's goal is to build “the largest convention center in the nation”—a 3.8-million square feet facility at the racetrack, complete with 3,000 hotel rooms, restaurants and a casino.

Belmont and the Aqueduct Racetrack are less than 10 miles apart. "My instinct is it would not make sense to have two [casinos] back-to-back at Aqueduct and Belmont," Cuomo told Newsday in an article publisehd February 2. "My guess is that it would not make sense . . . from a planning point of view."

Beverly Jensen, a tribal spokesperson, contends otherwise. "The idea that the world's largest market can only support one facility at Aqueduct makes no sense," she told Newsday.

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ribluebird's picture
Submitted by ribluebird on
What is with Cuomo he will breaking his pact with the 6 nations in upstate NY. Plus would need an admendment by the house and then put out for a vote to tax payers. Would take at least a couple of years or more to get things in place if it was going to happen. Think he is counting his chickens before they hatch.

thewatermillian's picture
Submitted by thewatermillian on
Three casinos on Long Island?! ONE is too many!!! Casinos may create jobs, but they STEAL money from casino patrons, most of whom probably can't afford to be in there in the first place. Casinos are a magnet for degenerates, and I wouldn't want one anywhere near me and my family. They are a blight on the landscape and I would think that the Shinnecock Nation would value land for more sacred purposes than getting people to throw their money away with the foolish hopes of a get-reach-quick payout from casinos where to odds are stacked against them. Shame on you, Shinnecock, and any tribe that chooses to fall back on casinos for a source of income, which is government-subsidized guilt charity money. What ever happened to working a job, or starting your own business that actually provides useful product or service to the community, instead of pursuing a business model that just sucks money from people. Shame. Shame. Shame. You legacy should be greater than this.