Tear down that sign! Teton High is no longer home of the "Redskins."

Idaho's Teton School District Drops 'Redskins' Mascot


Effective immediately, Teton School District, which serves Teton Valley and the surrounding area of Driggs, Idaho, is dropping "Redskins" as its mascot, reports TetonValleyNews.net.

Citing respect and honor for Native Americans, District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme on June 10 unilaterally ordered the high school's administration to come up with a new mascot and to remove all references to “Redskins” immediately. According to TetonValleyNews.net, the school board is in favor of the move and commended Woolstenhulme for his decision.“It’s the right thing to do,” said Doug Petersen, board chair.

Work will begin soon to select a new mascot, one which Woolstenhulme said he'll have no role in choosing. According to the Capital News Service's The Other Redskins study, Teton was the only high school in Idaho using "Redskins" as a a mascot.

For a Local News 8 ABC-TV video report on the mascot move, click here.

This mascot costume is out, effective immediately. (TetonValleyNews.Net)

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Stefanie Johnston's picture
Stefanie Johnston
Submitted by Stefanie Johnston on
It's especially disheartening that this valley chooses to remain a racist community. They will not listen to those that are offended and insist that their mascot is of honor and respect. They do not uphold any Indian heritage and they do not understand what the British government did, nor will they listen and see where the term 'redskin' came from. They choose to look at what has been published in favor of their side and do not care for the stories and facts that come from our Indian tribal members. This valley needs to be addressed in the same manner Salmon, ID was from the National Coalition on Racism.

alaina's picture
Submitted by alaina on
It lasted about two months, under pressure they are keeping it this school year while they take comment and evaluate….