Bald Eagles on 'CBS Sunday Morning'


A short video of majestic bald eagles in Skagit Valley, Washington.

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waterlady's picture
Submitted by waterlady on
To see these birds is quite fantastic. Last year I was able to see one up close here in nebraska and was able to get pictures of him. It was fun. but as we encrouch upon their habitate they still come back to where they grew up. Mine was in a tree near a small lake that is surrounded by a small town. Yet he was teaching his young one how to fish. As the ice would melt during the day they would go fishing.

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Submitted by deborahsanchez on
I live in the Blackstone Valley of Worcester County in Massachusettes, I am Algonquin, Makwa/Maguas and other Algonquin ancestory, however my grandpents left the Yamachiche, Yamaska Trois River Area in Canada in the turn of the century in the middle of the Industrial Revolution which brought many poor Natives, Arcadian and Mixed Peoples to this area to make profit while working instead working as a slave or for just a fish head for the day to survive. And I see Eagles often, their have been a family of 3 that frequently hunt in the Blackstone Canal area among a 30 mile radius. This is a beautiful sight in Washington state. debbie millette-sanchez