Is Chris Brown Native American? Grammy-Winning Singer Tweets Heritage, Names Tribe


Hugely successful (and yes, controversial) singer Chris Brown sent out a Tweet an hour ago revealing that he has Native ancestry. Brown is a multi-platinum selling artist whose 2011 album F.A.M.E. won the 2012 Grammy Award for best R&B album.

Brown was born in Tappahannock, Virginia, which is not inconsistent with the tribal affiliation he has, apparently, just learned of. And the winning tribe is...

Chris Brown tweet

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chumash1959's picture
Submitted by chumash1959 on
That's all the native community needs..... anothor woman beater

canucee's picture
Submitted by canucee on
Look, can we re-word this? Howsabout "sent out a Tweet an hour ago ALLEGING that he has Native ancestry." And while we're at it, let's add, in addition to Brown being a multi-platinum selling artist whose claiming to be/tweeting Native American, he's also demonstrated himself to be capable of assault crimes upon women and then continue to whine about how rough he's had it. Fine, forgive him, whatever. So, should this be true about Pamunkey, this makes him then part Indian and part asshole. I can guess which part. C. Hermanex Directions, Int. Phoenix, AZ / San Deigo, CA

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Submitted by canucee on
Right chumash1959? Do I know you? And he's paid his dues, made his amends whatever, I guess I don't want my personal failures to live forever when people refer to me or think of me, but still... I guess it comes back to the old ndn saying: "No one is useless: They can always be used as a bad example." Cx

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Submitted by gvgeyu on
There are a lot of us considered African-Americans (because of the way we look) that have Native American ancestory. My grandfather on my mother's side is of the Lenape. My father is not African-American at all, he is Native American and Frecnh decent. I am not sure of which tribe, I am still researching that. Because of my maternal grandmother and the luck of genetics, I have the features of African-Americans. It was a vision that made me look at my ancestory. Before that I fell into the way I looked, neglecting a major part of who I am. Now I support and celebrate all that I am.

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Submitted by monacan2122 on
Glad to know that Chris has found his Heritage... NOW, the bad news... according to the Federal Government... WE DON'T EXIST...! Two stories in one week from ICT regarding the Virginia Indians... This one and the one concerning the Lovings... How about a series revealing the DIMINISHMENT regarding the Virginia Nations and the fact that the Indian Community, as a whole, has allowed this travesty on non-recognition to continue...?

ndncountry's picture
Submitted by ndncountry on
Hey Chris what tribe in Africa are you from? you act and look more African than Indian.Personally I feel that if you are not born and raised by your tribe and know their/your customs you shouldn't be able to claim to be an Indian

hontasfarmer's picture
Submitted by hontasfarmer on
... and what you said is more like a Klansman than an NDN. So what country in Europe are your ancestors from?

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Submitted by hontasfarmer on
In my humble opinion he is an Indian. For reasons of history that are specific to the way Indians were treated in Virginia his recent confirmation should not be held against him. Those historical reasons come down to the Virginian tendency to label anyone with any African heritage as just black. Then to enforce that with laws, even going so far as to change records that have the race "indian" to "colored". His not knowing before was not his fault. Inspite of my name and some ancestry from VA tribes I cannot speak for them only about them. I am mostly Potawatomi and a midwesterner. Here the "One drop rule" was only ever a custom not a law.

yellowowl's picture
Submitted by yellowowl on
I wonder if the Pamunkey's claim him ? What proof does Chris Brown have that he has lineage from these people ? If you are Indian you know it from birth. It's not something you "just found out".

ndncountry's picture
Submitted by ndncountry on
Hontas or Katrina Rose whatever name you so desire to use.A person can not become an Indian by researching them on the inter net. Making up a culture to be a part of is only lying about who you are or is it revealing who you really are.Is it iconic that even if a person is highly educated a true bigot ultimately resorts to name calling.

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Submitted by twocrows59 on
I just joined this site and I want to make a comment about this chris brown, its time for Our people to understand, Our fore Fathers our Ancestors settled this land 1000s of years ago. They lived and died to win Their freedom. I'm tired of blacks like brown and knowles and others claiming to be one of us. Where were the blacks when We had all of Our rights taken away?,where were the blacks when We were being locked on reservations? compaired to Us how many blacks did the white man kill? how many blacks had their children chopped into pieces and left for the animals to eat? how many pregnant black women had their babies cut from their womb and held in front of the white mans dogs? and don't forget there was a black calvery. IF WE DON'T WAKE UP WE WILL SOON BECOME LIKE THE WHITE MAN,THEY ALREADY RAPE OUR WOMAN LIKE THE WHITE MAN DID IN THE YEARS OF OUR FORE FATHERS.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
The Pumunkey are indead a tribe in Virginia. The question is do they claim him?

Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bagby 's picture
Crown Prince Em...
Submitted by Crown Prince Em... on
Powhatan Renape Nation Rankokus Indian Reservation of the Pamunkey Nation Well accept you as a Member ,i already have your Bloodtat Line Come Home ,i Am the King Chris i have Chericoke Powhatans Village and also the King Willa Historical Museum With Both my Grand Pop in It .No Games Please Also Check me out on Wikipedia under Powhatan.IF you want your Tribal Status you will Find Me Your Attribute Is Firestarter