Women's tribal print leggings from the Kardashian Kollection

Kim Kardashian's Fashion Line 'Goes Tribal'


Yesterday, reality star Kim Kardashian unveiled the latest items in her Kardashian Kollecton with a blog post titled "Kardashian Kollection Goes Tribal!":

"You guys know I love my statement necklaces!! This new faux turquoise tier necklace from our Kardashian Kollection for Sears is the perfect statement piece for spring! We were inspired by a lot of tribal motifs and patterns when designing some of our new items and we’ve created some tribal-chic pieces I think you guys will love. Tribal can be glam! LOL"

She was wise enough not to call that faux turquoise tier necklace "Navajo," so Sears (which carries the Kardashian Kollection) won't be hearing from the Navajo Nation's lawyers, as Urban Outfitters did earlier this week.

Nonetheless, appropriation of Native patterns, jewelry and regalia by the fashion industry is a perennial topic of debate in the Native community. And last year, Kim's mom Kris Kardashian used the term "Indian giver" on Good Morning America, a lapse in judgement that drew a response from the National Congress of American Indians.

The Kardashian Kollection's "tribal" clothing and accessories are extremely generic; describing them as "tribal" might even be putting it too strongly. It's up to each of us to decide for ourselves whether she's committed a foul here -- how do you see it?

Kim Kardashian Kollection faux turquoise necklace
Kardashian Kollection Women's Lace Print Double Georgette Kaftan

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canucee's picture
Submitted by canucee on
Fashionista me sees the necklace design as "I wish I'd made this, I'd wear it now and all day if I could," the poncho fringe thing sucks - wouldn't be caught dead or even drunk in it - and what inspires designers is their own thing. Skins don't have the monopoly on the term "Tribal" in reference to art and design and no I'm not unhip to sacred symbols, of which none of this marketing of apparel and accessories here is. Art is free, design what one will, leave the cultural appropriation oversensitivity out of this "Tribal" line. Urban Outfitters was a clear violation. Could sure use those underwear though, my behind doesn't care what's printed on them and chances are you won't see them. ~ Cx - San Diego, SoCali USA

ojibwewoman87's picture
Submitted by ojibwewoman87 on
I am soooo sick and tired of people trying to make an xtra buck off of Native Americans and those of the First Nations! "Tribal can be glam"???!!! I'm pretty sure our ancestors and elders didn't live and keep our culture and heritage alive to be "chic" or "glam." They taught us to be caring, loving, honest, and to be one with the Great Spirit! How about kim make a line of Armenian clothing and say its finally goin to be glam due to her fashion expertise! Kim stick to reality TV!

misty's picture
Submitted by misty on
The pants are totally ugly and probably way overpriced. A month from now someone will be using them to wash their car.

tribalvisiondance's picture
Submitted by tribalvisiondance on
from the 3 pieces pictured here, I say this is doing it right. The pieces are actually "inspired by" not out right rip offs or horrible misappropriations. When I see some of the these things out there ie: "hipster headresses" and things like that, I am truly embarrassed for the people wearing them. Now would I wear any of this stuff, probably not but at least I am not offended by it in any way.

michelleshiningelk's picture
Submitted by michelleshiningelk on
I'm so over the gluttonous boils on the butt of society Kardashian clan. Seriously, when is enough going to be enough. They bring nothing to benefit society. I mean how many more times can they say "amazing" "like" "seriously" "really" and how much more money can they make exploiting their lives for money. It is gross and disgusting the way they sell themselves out for the almighty dollars!

madalynparrish's picture
Submitted by madalynparrish on
I think it all looks cheap and poorly executed, and this is coming from a non-native. As an artist I'm inspired by the Native community myself, and I hope to receive blessings for my work in the future. I surely don't want to be branded as one of cultural appropriation. I think there's always a right and wrong way to do something and unfortunately a lot of fashion designers do it the wrong way. They demean Native culture with hideous and stereotypical displays that always strike me as racist or something close to it. I'm trying to do my research so that I never offend anyone.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
I know I am tired of the Kardashian's and all their drama. They have more money than sense. They will make a dollar anyway they can and if they think Tribal will make them a dollar more than they will use it .

hollister's picture
Submitted by hollister on
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