Crow Native Days 2013 Underway in Montana


The Crow Tribe kicked off its annual Crow Native Days today with a bike rodeo in Crow Agency, Montana. Crow Native Days 2013 is an action-packed week with events ranging from the bike rodeo to a real rodeo to a pow wow. "It's a unique event," said Robert Old Horn, one of the event's organizers. "It will be something people have never seen before."

The Days' biggest event, held on June 22 and 23, is the Ultimate Warrior competition,  a gruelling race for men and women. The Ultimate Warrior challenge is a three-part endurance race totaling 18.56 miles, with segments of running, canoeing, and a bareback race with three horse exchanges. The men’s race is an individual event, and the women’s race is a team event, with three women for each leg of the race.

For more information about Crow Native Days 2013, contact Corky Old Horn at 406-679-1568. And here is a poster with a schedule of the week's events.



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