Mexican-Yaqui Doctor Blesses Arizona Memorial


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Submitted by wanbli on
We are taught by our elders you do not use your sacraments, impelments, prayers, and this “Red Way of Life” for show, profit and favouritism by the enemy of all Red Nationalist Nationhood's, the United States of America! You do not uses these sacred understanding for your own pursuit to make peace with those that chooses War against first nations. Who uses little men like this to deceive and cripple the life s of all unrepresented traditional and authentic peoples and red indigenous nationhood's, that are be ethnically cleansed and exterminated by US policies and attitudes to dehumanizes life not release it. These ceremonies shouldn't and will never be used by any authentic medicine man as a way to manipulated your own people to invested in US policies that are killing our red sovereign rights to lands, resources, our children and future. Capitalist Corporate US Polices and Agendas to continue to exploit, steal our lands and resources for US sponsored corporate greed. It was wrong what he had done! But, he is BIA and an IRA Tribal Government supporter. And in so, that he doesn't even understand and know the spiritual and ethical and moral and philosophical way of red life that will never take a backseat on red ancestral sovereign homelands, that has been consecrated and willed by Creator and Creation to all red indigenous sovereign first nationhood's. I hope we can come to understand when you desecrate your spirituality and relationship with God, Creation and the Red Peoples or any other as “The Oppressor” that are instituted and trained to exterminated any indigenous opposition to they're imperialist construct of greed, terrorism, intimidation, destruction of red life and tyranny to those of us "the unrepresented" who are constantly oppressed, marginalized, manipulated and lied to killed, are seen as a threat because they want unity and justice and truth to prevail upon this red land, are seen as a threat to the structure of those that domiante life and rule us hellishly of red people by the structure and administrators of the BIA and IRA Tribal Governments that seek to protect his own intrest at the expense of the lifes and future of red children that live in the construct of genocide. He shows his interest and that he is a trained selfish gatekeeper for empire to maintain a false portait of American Indian Life. To maintain and maintenance the falsehoods within the American Portrait that is not democratic and that controls the courage, intellect and will of our Indigenous Motherland. This man has exercise his American Rights to exploit our ceremonies and the future of our red children and red homelands because the US let him!!! Wanbli 2011

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Submitted by zoltan on
Greetings, listening to the Blessing I couldn't help myself thinking that the Medicine man was attempting to be politically correct. Thank you for conforming that, although I didn't realize that there is such a strong apposition amongst Native writers for the sharing the Ceremonies. May the Blessings of the Earth and from Havens come your way! PS I don't care if you judge me.