Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Against Alaska Mine

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Against Alaska Mine

Meta L. Maxwell

National Resources Defense Council, Senior Attorney, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sent constituents a letter Monday saying the proposed copper-gold-molybdenum mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay in Alaska is “an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen.”

He says that mega corporations like Anglo American, Rio Tinto, and Mitsubishi “want to gouge out a pit two miles wide and 2,000 feet deep – deep enough to swallow the entire Empire State Building.”  Kennedy says, “This wilderness paradise – crisscrossed by crystal clear rivers and fed by pristine lakes – is home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon runs and a stunning diversity of wildlife including moose, caribou, grizzlies and whales.”

The Pebble Mine will generate “a witch’s brew of deadly acids and poisonous chemicals …held back by colossal dams up to 50 stories high.”  Kennedy says, “Many Alaskan Natives – who have depended on the salmon for they very survival for thousands of years – are organizing to stop this apocalyptic scheme.”

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It warms my heart to hear that Mr. Kennedy is still defending the ecological concerns of our native people. Many years ago I had the privilege of accompanying Mr. Kennedy to hearings in B.C that were protesting "Clear Cutting" of native lands. We were successful in our efforts then and my hope is that by him illuminating this subject of mining copper and gold, it too will go down in flames. All one has to do is look at the history of the "Homestake" gold mine in Lead ,South Dakota, to learn of the travesty and ecological devastation that these mines leave behind. This mining company left a humongous hole in the ground, and forever damaged the aquifers and streams. They have yet to be held accountable, and to make matters worse, the former Senator, Mr. Dashle, hid a rider in the Defense Appropriations Bill, that literally exonerated the company from present or future responsibility. The people of Bristol Bay and Alaska itself, need to heed the warning of what these mining companies not only do to the environment but also what devastation they leave behind. I would invite those who care, to visit Deadwood and Lead , South Dakota and see for themselves. Check out the cyanide polluted streams where fish once existed and wild life once drank from. All gone due to mining and government malfeasance.