John Stossel

Stossel Says American Indians Receive the Most Help


Fox News contributor John Stossel was on Fox & Friends March 24 to discuss high-paying government jobs that recently appeared in The Daily Caller. Among several complaints involving government spending, the journalist criticized the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as the money the government spends supporting Indian programs.

The BIA has for decades been no stranger to criticism, but Stossel's framing of the matter has caused alarm in Indian country.

“Why is there a Bureau of Indian Affairs?” Stossel asked with incredulity. “There is no Bureau of Puerto Rican Affairs or Black Affairs or Irish Affairs. And no group in America has been more helped by the government than the American Indians, because we have the treaties, we stole their land. But 200 years later, no group does worse.”

On March 25, Stossel hosted a one-hour special on Fox News Channel, during which he featured an entire segment devoted to bashing government funding for Native programs. Context was largely non-existent, which has outraged some Native Americans.

More to come.

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wisgriz's picture
Submitted by wisgriz on
I was mad. Did he forget that the government put the tribes on bad land through treaties for the MORMONS to travel through? To protect them!!!!

gamma's picture
Submitted by gamma on
It's not John Stossel. When Fox asks Stossel to jump, Stossel jumps. When those in power ask Fox News to jump, Fox jumps. It could be a beginning of a new backlash against Indians. More likely, it's another concerted effort to steal Indian land and resources - and melt Indians into the mainstream American community.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
I kinda agree with John Stossel's report. The bad news is Indian people have to hold their elected TRIBAL Governments accountability! Indian people can no longer afford to hop on the bandwagon of blaming every Republican Congress and/or Republican President anymore! Other-wise, the notion of current federal money being wasted or squandered allows American Public opinion to existence...."what are those Indians doing?" My response is what MONEY, I don't even get to see much less see the benefits of it! The money/dollars that are being allocated are not reaching the people and for far too long, Indian Bureacracy has stifled and impeded the needs of Indian people, rather federal dollars are being mis-managed and/or mis-appropriated. Elected Indian officials, community members, village officials have a responsibility as car-takers and not the other way around where the public "owes me!"

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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
I've actually worked and witnessed US GOvernement officials of Indian descent actually work the Federal system to their benefit at the cost of stifling the effort of the office work! It is high time that these Indian officials retire and leave the US Govt. work (IHS or BIA). THis of course sets the bad reputation in motion of either the BIA or the IHS mis-managing and/or misappropriated Federal Tax dollars. The politics of Indian people in positions of influence and/power actually mis-represents the purpose of what those FEderal funds are for.....the Indian people.