(Tawamiciya Photography/Francesca Wiyaka Luta)
The colors, the smiles, the youth: the Lower Sioux Community Wacipi

The Beauty and Elegance of Pow Wow: Photos


From June 14-16, the Lower Sioux Indian Community held their 36th annual wacipi, and Oglala Lakota photographer Francesca Wiyaka Luta was there. She says, "This was my first year to the Lower Sioux Wacipi. This three-day pow wow is located in Morton, Minnesota. There was 793 registered dancers and 33 drum groups. People came from Wisconsin, South Dakota and all over Minnesota. Very friendly atmosphere and comfortable camping areas. I will be sure to go again next year!"

Enjoy a few of Francesca's beatuiful photos from the wacipi here. For more, go to Facebook.com/TawamiciyaPhotography. For more on pow wows, go to IndianCountryTodayMediaNetwork.com/pow-wow.

Have photos, stories or pow wow listings to share? Please send to editor@ictmn.com for possible publication.

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Yd_now_redo's picture
Submitted by Yd_now_redo on
Your pow-wows are a sacred community event. I wonder what it is about the color BLUE?, very powerful. Even though there's solemnity, I see you all have a "FUN" time together. That is community encouragement; thanks.

priscila  serrano's picture
priscila serrano
Submitted by priscila serrano on
I like your guys culture I think it is no of much popular but you guys r great and inspire.