Mara Hoffman's 'Pow Wow' bikini includes indigenous designs and a motley combination of colors.

Teeny Bikini Puts More 'Wow!' in 'Pow Wow'


It’s not fancy. It’s surely not traditional, and it certainly doesn’t jingle.

Meet the 'Pow Wow' bikini.

Prominent New York fashion designer Mara Hoffman, known for employing indigenous patterns and symbols in her work, has released her latest in a growing collection of Native American-inspired ensembles.

Mara Hoffman's Native American-inspired bikini. (Photo courtesy

Want one? Well you won’t be able to purchase the top or bottom online. Upscale retailer Saks Fifth Avenue has allegedly sold out.

The top is described by as “tribal print … in sparkling jewel tones” and it “converts from a strapless bandeau to a halter.”

In a recent spotlight on Hoffman by fashion blog Le Bon Chic, the Buffalo, New York-born designer is described as “inspired by nature, the world and fantasy,” and her Instagram account is an affirmation of that observation.

Riddled throughout the page are numerous Native American references: a young girl in a shawl is photographed donning a single feather in her hair. Another photo is of a striped turquoise shirt, which curiously resembles a breastplate. There’s even an illustration of a tipi with the words, “I LOVE MY FAMILY” near the bottom.

Hoffman’s designs are lauded as a fixture during New York Fashion Week.

View more from her collection at

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