Apparent Drowning Takes Life of Former Council Representative


Former Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation Council Representative Scott Eagle, 50, fell overboard while on a family outing July 30 on Lake Sakakawa in central North Dakota.

Authorities found Eagle on August 2 after a search was conducted by the tribal search and rescue team. According to the tribe, a dive team with sonar was called in from Black River Falls, Wisconsin after two days of searching.

Eagle served on the Tribal Business Council from 2008 to 2012 as North Segment Representative.

“Today is a sad day for the people of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation,” said Tex “Red Tipped Arrow” Hall, chairman of the nation. “On behalf of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation we are grateful and thank the many volunteers and rescuers who worked tirelessly to bring Scott home… My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, children and family.”

In Eagle’s honor, the nation’s flag will fly at half-staff until his funeral, the time for which has not yet been announced.

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Two Bears Growling
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Family of this man who served his people, may the Creator comfort you in this time of sadness. We are thankful for such a man who loved his people & worked for them in his time among us. This is not our last time to see Scott. We shall see him again! Our last step in this realm is the first step in our journey in the next realm as we are greeted & have that special reunion among the ancestors & our loved ones. May the Great Spirit hold you each close at this time of sorrow & once more fill your hearts with joy. You are loved & cared about by more than you ever dreamed about my friends. Our thoughts & prayers are with you my friends..................