Touchstone Pictures, File, AP Photo/PRNewsFoto
In this 2003 file photo provided by Touchstone Pictures via RPNewsFoto, actor Kevin Costner stands with bronze sculptures of bison and American Indians at his Tatanka attraction near Deadwood, South Dakota.

Finances with Wolves? Kevin Costner Selling 1,000 Acres of Black Hills


Actor Kevin Costner has put 1,000 acres of land in the South Dakota’s western Black Hills up for sale, reported the Black Hills Pioneer.

The listing includes the site of what would have been the Dunbar casino resort, a $100 million project with a golf course and a steam-powered passenger train. But the project was never completed. The property for sale does not include Costner’s Midnight Star casino and restaurant, the tallest building on Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota or Tatanka: Story of the Bison, the $6 million attraction on the town’s northern edge.

Costner filmed most of his Academy-Award winning movie “Dances With Wolves” in South Dakota.

“He has a strong sense of loyalty to the area and it was a hard decision for him,” real estate agent Mike Percevich told the Black Hills Pioneer, adding that it took months for Costner to make the decision.

There are three separate listings with price tags of $7.4 million, $1.2 million and $5.4 million. The most expensive includes the site of the not complete Dunbar.

“The ground has been prepared for a resort, which was to be called the Dunbar,” Percevich said. “Everything’s done up there. They were just getting ready to start setting the foundation and it stopped.”

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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
I hope some of our wealthy among the tribes buys & returns this part of our sacred Black Hills to the people. Not one more blasted casino is needed. What we need is for our many people to return to the ways of the ancestors & seek that which can fill the emptiness that fills so many spirits of our many people. Only THEN will we find the power we once had before the Invaders destroyed our homelands & people over the past 1000 years. Our people need to return to our ancient beliefs & ways of worship. Not this washichu way of religion. It was forced on so many in times past. It is NOT who & what we are about my friends! May the Creator touch each one of our people's hearts & show them the ways of our ancient beliefs. May the Great Spirit send His power & show each one who doubts how things can be once more my friends. It leads to a life of purpose, compassion & kindness that will fill each spirit with joy. The ancient ways will heal the pain of our people & return the power we once knew. We have the answers to everything we need if we will just seek the answers that are there in the ways of the past.

baymillion's picture
Submitted by baymillion on
The land is sacred to the Lakota and it rightfully belongs to them. Maybe he should give them the land. It would right a little bit of wrongs's picture
Submitted by mollimoonshadow... on
out of all the people in the think kevin cosner would sell this land that does even belong to him. give it back to the people it was stolen from .SHAME ON YOU.another greedy white man.makes you think this money and land should be given back to the true owners the natives and any monies should be donated to them to give back what was taken from them.i call these people graverdiggers raping mother earth .HOW MUCH MONEY IS ENOUGH.