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10 Pow Wow Do's and Don'ts


There will invariably be things you should and shouldn’t do in certain settings. That said, here are just a few tips to help you along the pow wow trail.


1. Do: Wear a roach.

2. Don't: Smoke one. 

3. Do: Paint your face. 

Photo courtesy Smithsonian

4. Don't: Mimic this one.

5. Do: Eat fry bread. 

Photo courtesy Wikipedia
6. Don't: Over do it.

7. Do: Wear buckskin.

Photo courtesy Flickr.
8. Don't: Wear this.

9. Do: Cheer on the dancers.

10. Don't: Come prepared to cheer like this.

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Submitted by mariafleck on

Mucapeke's picture
Submitted by Mucapeke on
That fry bread looks delicious! I must find a easy recipe to do here in Spain, because living here would be difficult to visit a pow wow, at least I could prepare some, take a seat and watch some pow wow in youtube, you know what would be great? live streaming the pow wow so people at home could see the great entry at home, if is allowed :)

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
You might also add, BE RESPECTFUL and bring your own chair. Too many times the public tries to use seating reserved for singers and dancers.

Lenape-NativeAmerican's picture
Submitted by Lenape-NativeAm... on
You could also add: Don't videotape, or take still photographs of dances in the circle when asked not to. Don't videotape or take still photographs of individuals without first asking for and obtaining the person's permission and consent. Do be respectful at all times Don't smoke and drop your butts all over the ground. Don't buy your kids any cheap plastic tomahawks and drums and allow them to be brought to the Powwow. Do try to learn something about our culture while you're there.

Hawk B. Lessard's picture
Hawk B. Lessard
Submitted by Hawk B. Lessard on
Thank you for posting this. We are not to be sold or used as props for the enjoyment of others. We are a sacred people and when we walk or dance in the earth we are one with our highest power. You disrespect us by dressing and acting the way you do more so you disrespect yourself.

Pelagia Johanna Maria Peil
Pelagia Johanna...
Submitted by Pelagia Johanna... on
life stream is there to watch,but the 6 hours time differense kill's me.