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Michigan joins Minnesota and Wisconsin in the gray wolf hunt this year, despite protests. Two-thirds of the available licenses were snapped up within 30 minutes of going on sale on Saturday September 28.

License to Kill: Michigan Wolf Hunters Snap Up Nearly 1,000 Permits in First 30 Minutes of Sale


It took 50 years to get Michigan’s gray wolf population up to 658, and only 30 minutes to sell three-quarters of the available licenses—900 out of 1,200—when they went on sale on Saturday September 28.

Only 100 licenses were still available by 5 p.m. on Saturday for the season, which runs from November 15 through December 31, the news website MLive.com reported. State residents paid $100 per license, while nonresidents’ price was $500.

All this to kill just 43 wolves.

State wildlife officials said the hunt is necessary because of wolves’ predation on livestock, while conservation groups such as Keep Michigan Wolves Protected called it glorified trophy hunting.

The limited hunt, the state’s first ever, is relegated to three designated areas in the Upper Peninsula. Hunters must report their wolf kills daily and consult state figures before heading out in the morning to make sure the area they plan to hunt in has not reached its quota, state officials said. They also said the hunt will not hurt the animals’ overall population.

“The odds of us having an impact on the wolf population in the Upper Peninsula as a whole is close to zero,” said Tim Payne, the Department of Natural Resource’s Southeast Regional Wildlife Supervisor, to the Detroit Free Press.

But one wolf is too many, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected says on its site, which is endorsed by Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Chairman Aaron Payment, among many others.

“It’s not right to spend decades bringing the wolf back from the brink of extinction only to turn around and allow them to be hunted and trapped for trophies,” the group’s website says.

“Their claim that a wolf hunt is needed to address livestock depredations is not telling the whole story,” said Jill Fritz, director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected and state director of the Humane Society of the United States, to the Free Press. “The current law already allows farmers to protect their animals from predators ... including wolves.”

The wolf hunt has been under fire in Wisconsin and Minnesota too. Last week actress Jessica Lange sent an open letter to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to call off this year's hunt. 

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Wisconsin Tribes Struggle to Save Their Brothers the Wolves From Sanctioned Hunt

All three states were sued last year by a number of animal-welfare groups in an effort to stop them from conducting wolf hunts. 

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Keep Michigan Wolves Protected has started a petition aimed at introducing a referendum next year so that voters can rule on whether to axe a law that enabled the state Natural Resources Commission to designate wolves as a game animal this past summer, according to MLive.com. That law was passed after wolf defenders last year gathered enough signatures to call for a statewide referendum on whether to allow a wolf hunt. The state legislature then put the matter under the authority of the state’s Natural Resources Commission, which approved a hunt.

“This hunt is only moving forward because the Legislature did some dirty tricks and a runaround on the first petition drive,” said Fritz. “Legislators knew that the citizens of Michigan do not want their wolves hunted.” 

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I've always equated the White man's hatred of wolves to their hatred of NDNs. Whatever they see as detrimental to their amassing of personal wealth they want to destroy. They never stop long enough to learn, but jump immediately to the taking of blood. They don't know that EVERYTHING is related and that when one of the Creator's creatures disappear, EVERYTHING related to that creature suffers. Man is the ONLY creature who kills for money.

Wayne Carrick's picture
Wayne Carrick
Submitted by Wayne Carrick on
This is BULL. Humans are very stupid, the wolves just got off the endangered species list and now we want to put them back on it. The government is the worst enemy of the animals and the Indian people.

sheila smoke's picture
sheila smoke
Submitted by sheila smoke on
I don't care who it is ,, it's never ever right , when will it get it through everyone's head!

Yvette Rubery's picture
Yvette Rubery
Submitted by Yvette Rubery on
Only man is capable of such cruelty and hatred of such a beautiful animal. Shame on the human race.

Terry Lone Wolf Swisse's picture
Terry Lone Wolf...
Submitted by Terry Lone Wolf... on
What is wrong with some humans all they care about is a trophy to show off to their friends, doesn't matter this wolf has a family who like us will mourn his or her death. Some of you humans just don't care about anything but what you want not what our creator wants. I hope this comes back to haunt you forever

Timothy Benjamin 's picture
Timothy Benjamin
Submitted by Timothy Benjamin on
I think they should not allow people to hunt wolfs . I think they should not open a law to Hunt a Beautiful animal .

Jen Carey 's picture
Jen Carey
Submitted by Jen Carey on
Unbelievable and disgusting. Wolves attack .02% of livestock. Most livestock die if disease.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
I raised 2 of them myself, and they were the best and most precious animals I had ever had!!!

V. Watson's picture
V. Watson
Submitted by V. Watson on
You can tell a lot about a government by how they treat their nation's animals. ALL ANIMALS deserve the right to be equally protected, no matter if they are a pet or not.

Richard Ferrar's picture
Richard Ferrar
Submitted by Richard Ferrar on
Man is the only creature that lives outside the natural order. The killing of the wolves wounds me in my heart. Their rationalizing is a lie that they cling to out of fear.

TERRY CLARKN's picture
Submitted by TERRY CLARKN on

lisa Loewy's picture
lisa Loewy
Submitted by lisa Loewy on
Please don't kill god's creatures what kind of people are u!!!!!

Carol Delahoyde's picture
Carol Delahoyde
Submitted by Carol Delahoyde on
Just wondering how many times we have to ask that these hunts (wolf killings) be stopped. It is only to justify your male egos & fill your coffers. So shameful that you care nothing for these animals lives....only the revenue they bring in. They say that Karma will judge you.....hope so.

Teresa Morgan's picture
Teresa Morgan
Submitted by Teresa Morgan on
I think it is ridiculous to hunt the wolves!! these men just want an excuse to kill!! they are not eating the meat or using the fur for warmth, they just want to kill a poor innocent animal. they should be ashamed, to be a big shot you would shoot something that does not have a fair chance to shoot you back? what a spotsman!!!! NOT!!!! just makes you an all and out KILLER!!

june edwards's picture
june edwards
Submitted by june edwards on
why do hunters feel the need to want to exterminate every wolf on the planet , they are beautiful animals leave them alone and stop this barbaric hunt.

Sussi S's picture
Sussi S
Submitted by Sussi S on
Leave the Wolves ALONE!!! They've got every right to live just as much as anyone of us, let them live & run free!!!

carolyn rauschert's picture
carolyn rauschert
Submitted by carolyn rauschert on
Trying to change the hunting culture is like trying to life people out of poverty. Generations upon generations of a life style that should improve, but they know nothing else.

jerry collins's picture
jerry collins
Submitted by jerry collins on
If they hunt as well as hey build cars, there shouldn't be more than one or two killed. I have sworn never to buy any car from Michigan again. I heard Detroit is going under and half the people have moved away. I hope that whole state starves.

jerry collins's picture
jerry collins
Submitted by jerry collins on
If they hunt as well as hey build cars, there shouldn't be more than one or two killed. I have sworn never to buy any car from Michigan again. I heard Detroit is going under and half the people have moved away. I hope that whole state starves.

Jennifer Martin's picture
Jennifer Martin
Submitted by Jennifer Martin on
No this must not happen. the wolf population has not rebounded, this is their land. We must learn to share it, not kill the animal. Humans and wildlife need to learn to live together on the land. We must not destroy these wolves! They were here long before us and God willing and humans not killing them off, they will be here long after us!!

Linda Christie's picture
Linda Christie
Submitted by Linda Christie on
All creatures have a purpose. That is why they were created. By killing senselessly you are upsetting the natural balance of our delicate ecosystem. There is a reaction for every action. This senseless murdering will not go untreated. So those who think it's great fun to kill for sport or money, watch your backs, KARMA will have her revenge.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
History has shown that anything the white man doesn't understand he kills, he tried with the buffalo, the Native peoples. They never stop and think of the impact of what they are doing to our planet, until it is too late, the they scratch their heads and wonder why! Think, we must live in harmony with nature. The wolf is our brother, the earth is our mother. Respect it and learn to live with nature, not destroy it! This is the only place we all have and we are destroying it! Man is the only creature that kills for sport and greed. What comes around goes around. I truly hope that karma will take care of this nonsense. STOP killing and torturing animals!!! Especially the beautiful wolf!!

LXM's picture
Submitted by LXM on
Why kill wolves when they didn't do any harm to you? Humans suppose to love and protect them, not kill and hunt them!

Submitted by MRS. SANDRA SHEPPARD on
Its a pity that these uneducated cretins arn't serving a more useful purpose like working for a living than shooting wolves that after all where on this earth a long time before man was.

Starr Lopaze's picture
Starr Lopaze
Submitted by Starr Lopaze on
this is so sad to kill such beautiful creatures. It seems that it's more for trophy hunting than thinning the wolf population..... Otherwise the permits would not have been sold out so quickly!



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