From the poster for The Burrowers -- would this film make your list?

Dept. of Questionable Lists: Films That 'Tomahawk Into Your Heart'

4/13/12 is a fun site about movies, and the lists they generate can be fun -- "10 Best Assassination Movies" or "7 Monster Hunter Movies Every Man Should Watch."

But when this one showed up on our radar, we weren't sure what to think:

"7 Native American Movies That Will Tomahawk Into Your Heart"

From the text:

Fighting against the powerful stupidity of racism are these stories and characters that refuse to wallow in a mire of stereotypes by displaying their humanity, be it good or evil.

That's a commendable premise, but many ICTMN readers will no doubt feel it's undermined by the idea that any of these films will "tomahawk" anything.

Still, get past the unfortunate framing and there is the list itself:

  1. Pathfinder
  2. The Burrowers
  3. Reel Injun
  4. Maverick
  5. The Last of the Mohicans
  6. Black Robe
  7. Apocalypto

What do you think about these picks -- "tomahawking" aside, is this a good list of affecting movies about American Indians, or would you have chosen differently?

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mattmc's picture
Submitted by mattmc on
While the title of the list is a tad ill-conceived, I'm far more disturbed by the title of this blog: "Department of Questionable Lists"? It sounds like a roaming band of politically correct policemen. If the list is poor, then critique it by the lack of merit of the movie choices, not because it used a taboo word. I remember when the censorship brigade tried to get Toni Morrison's books banned because they used the n-word. Book burning starts with this kind of mindless word witch hunts. Free speech doesn't require intellectual babysitters. Let people decide for themselves and encourage thoughtful critique and self-reflection, not some blanket admonishment of "bad" words.

shethebear's picture
Submitted by shethebear on
Personally, I think they could have dug a little deeper to list more films that truly get past the tropes of stereotypes of natives in the film industry. I can't say that I've seen all the films on the list, but Last of the Mohicans and Apocalypto are certainly ripe with inaccuracies and stereotypes. If you're gonna make a list to highlight films that go past the stereotypes. Not that these should be the ones on the list.. but even Smoke Signals and Dance Me Outside would've been more appropriate than those two films. They do get an A+ for having Reel Injuns on the list though. Neil Diamond did a hell of a job on that documentary.