The Cahuilla Bird Singers perform at UC Riverside.

University Supports Native American Higher Education Outreach


The University of California, Riverside (UCR) recently agreed to commit $70,000 a year for three years to setting up an education and outreach program to steer Native American youth toward higher education.

According to a story by UCR Today, UCR Chancellor Timothy P. White called the seed money, which is coming from non-state discretionary resources, an antidote to the marginalization of Native American peoples.

White announced the funds at the Native American Educational Summit held April 17. The purpose of the event was to bring leaders together with the goal of improving access to higher education.

“This feels like a turning point for all our tribes,” said Theresa Mike, who runs The Theresa Mike Foundation, a scholarship program in memory of her late daughter.

UCR alumnus Mike Madrigal thinks it “will make a real difference.”

“The chancellor’s investment provides a great opportunity to cultivate and strengthen the relationships with local Native Nations and Urban Indian programs,” UCR Costo Professor of Indian American Affairs Clifford E. Trafzer said. “It shows UCR’s firm commitment towards our Native American community.”

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Yeah, with all that money they will end up recruiting only Whites with Indian status who know nothing about being Indian, who don't even identify with Indians and who don't even like Indians very much. Same story at Yale, Brown and many other universities.